Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dopey Training week 2

HI! How are you guys?  I just wrapped up week 2 of Marathon/Dopey training. I also wrapped up the first three days with my students.  Lets just say I am pooped!!! By the end of day one I went to the copy room to make copies and I just laid on the floor in relief.  I don’t think I could have stood up another minute.  My voice hurt, I was tired!  I was so cranky one day the week I took out our Roku from the TV and threw it at the hubby and told him to go somewhere else and watch TV.  It was probably 6-7 and I wasn’t going to have it!

This weeks training didn’t go as well as I would like but it wasn’t terrible.  I missed one mid week longer run.  My long run was a bit slower but I am not upset about it.  I am training for a 48.6 4 day race.  I am not training to PR.  It was my first week back and I am cutting my self slack.  In the past, I probably would have missed two runs.  I am really thankful to have Abby to report back to, it really motivates me!

Here are the numbers

Dopey Training Week 2:

Monday: Rest day.  I almost got up, then I saw the weather forecast and went back to sleep.

Tuesday: 3.4 miles Pace unknown.  I set out to do 6-7 during lunch at work and my legs just wouldn’t move.  I finally realized they probably hurt so much because I was in heels for 3 hours the night before and I don’t ever wear heels.

Wednesday:Rest day because the thought of waking up early before work and then after work with throbbing feet- no thanks!  

Thursday: Speed work!- 6 miles 11:47 average 2x400 (2:21, 2:18), 2x800 (4:46, 4:46) when I PR’ed my half I was doing these closer to 4:15… 1x1200 (7:12) 1x800 4:38 - because i ran out of time  It looks like my times were a little quicker than last weeks so I will take it.  

Friday: Rest day!- how glorious

Saturday: 9 miles with my amazing team.  I am so thankful for people to run with.  12:15 pace. I think it will take myself a few weeks for my body to get back into the swing of work for the runs to be normal

Sunday: 3.1 12:20 pace- just an easy recovery run-

total (running) miles: 21.5 miles

Overall: I am happy with this week considering it was the first week the students are back.  I really want to try and get some strength training in this week.  There is always room for improvement :)

How did your week go?  What are you proud of?

How do you manage to get in a strength training activity?  I always forget!  I just come home and play with my cats and shove food down my throat.

I am currently raining money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  If you would like to donate, please click here.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UncommonGoods review and I am a total dork.

*UncommonGoods reached out to me and provided me with a few free products in exchange for my honest review of their products and services.  While my items were paid for, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, or follow me on instagram, or just know who I am, you will know a few things about me:
  1. I am a teacher and teach social studies. More specifically, government, economics, and history of the Holocaust.
  2. I am also knows as the crazy cat lady, and lastly
  3. My toothbrush is never near a toilet (GERMS!!!) Ok- we may have never discussed this but you should know this.

When UncommonGoods reached out to me and I went on their website I immediately fell in love.  They offer creative and exciting merchandise and work with suppliers - from artists to small manufacturers - to make their products in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner.  As I was looking though each item there is a blurb about each individual artist.  

They feature products that contain recycled components and have not sold products containing leather, feathers or fur - their goal is to sell no product that harms humans or animals. YAY!!!!

They also created the Better to Give Program in 2001, which allows you to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from us at checkout with no charge from the customer.  

Ever since listening to Hamilton:The Musical I have become obsessed with the history behind the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  When I saw these on the site I knew these glasses had to be mine!  I found these under the Geek Gift section, and yes, I would think that describes me perfectly.  You can find other Geek gifts here, and these exact cups here.  I have the perfect spot on my desk for these beauties!..

Yarn cats! 
So, not only do my students know me as the crazy cat lady, Joey (cat pictured below) has his own instagram. His momma forgets to add pictures but him and Tiggy were excited "they" were on our new glasses.  This would have been the perfect gift for me, or really anything with cats!  The link above labeled "warm cats" links to those specific cups, but for more gift ideas click here, here, and here for kids gifts.
Mommy, these are now mine.

 The last thing I ordered from UncommonGods was a phone sanitizer. With the sweat from running, germs from being around students or other people, I can only imagine how dirty my phone is.  I once watched a special on TV and it told me the particles from the toilet when flushed can fly up to 25 feet, and ever since them I have never kept my toothbrush out or near a toilet. If we go away for a weekend I make sure to always keep it in my toiletry bad.  Once at work my toilet fell into the toilet and the first thing I did was run back to my room and took alcohol wipes and wiped it up (Note:  I had NOT gone to the bathroom yet.  When I saw the phone sanitizer I knew it had to be mine.  When Behn has to go to the bathroom, the phone is always in there with him.
Cleaning my phone! Germ Free

Honestly, when I first went on this site I wanted everything.  Behn almost got barbecue golfers set, but he told me he didn't need it.  

I love their anniversary stuff.  Being just 3 months away from our 1 year anniversary I almost purchased a sign for our bedroom since we just painted it.  

When I was done placing my order I loved that I was able to chose what charity I wanted the company to donate to.  The website is user friendly and I am sure that you can find gifts or anyone for any price range

Have you found any cool sites lately you think I should try out?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dopey Training Week 1 Recap

HI! How are you guys?  I just wrapped up week 1 of Marathon/Dopey training.  I also wrapped up my first (official) week back at school.  The students start Wednesday so I still have a few things to do around the classroom.  I received a fun package from Uncommon goods so I was able to geek out for a few minutes and sanitize my phone.  I will have a review about their site later this week.  

Such a nerd!!

This weeks training went surprisingly well.  3x before work I was able to run and I am hoping to continue that even with the earlier start time once the students come back.  Instead of having to be home by 7am to shower and be out of the house by 7:30, next Wednesday I will have to be out of the house by 6:30.  One the weather starts cooling down and the feels like is not more than 108 degrees I can start running in the evening.

Dopey Training Week 1:

Monday: Easy day consisted of a 2.5 mile slow hot walk :) then 21 day fix pilates. I thought it was necessary to not set an alarm for my last official day off.  Totally worth it

Tuesday: 6.5 mile 12:16 pace. Tuesdays are normally tempo, but I thought it was more important to note trip over my feet at 0’dark thirty.  

Wednesday: 3 mile recovery run- 11:50 pace- I was super happy that I negative split that run

Thursday: Speed Work 7 miles 2x400, 2x800, 2x1200 with same revery in-between ( except for the 1200 because I was beat!  overall pace 11:42

Friday: Rest day!- how glorious

Saturday: Long Run with Team.  8 miles 11:55ish pace and negative split

does the view get any better?
Sunday: 3 mile recovery 12:33 pace.  I was surprised how sore my legs were.

total (running) miles: 27.5 

1 strength training day.

How did your week go?

I had to come home on Thursday and take a nap.  I also wish I would have gotten a true tempo run it but I am till very happy with how this week went.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Stats and Thoughts

To be honest, I am very sad for July to end.  It means it is time to go back to work for good.  I went back three half days last week and teachers officially go back August 2.  Students are back August 10, sorry Behn- the crankiness begins.

While I have a few extra minutes here are a few things about July.

Beth, I hope it is ok but I stole this format from you :) - I need some creativity.

Run 93ish- This is pretty high for me these days.

Strength & Conditioning 8 Orange Theory Classes

Races Wesley Chapel Fast 5k - death by 5k

Current Reads Well, before school started I picked up Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow and Ionly got through about 80 pages…#fail 

Current Obsession Oreo Krispie Treats! To die for.  I actually ONLY ate a tiny piece.

Current Song Anything on the Hamilton Soundtrack- I never used to run with music, then I heard this soundtrack

Current Need More time off before work

Current Triumph Painting our bedroom.  I am not artsy fartsy at all andI did the whole room!  It was a pain measuring 40 inches up around the whole room so we can do the bottom half gray. 

Current Bain of My Existence Humidity! It is so hard to see your paces drop so much but I know it will pay off come fall.  Breathing in this is just ridiculous.

Current Goal make it through the first few weeks of school and not have my training slack off.  Also, fundraising!!!
You know your cool when your shirt says "We the People"

Current Indulgence Twistee treat Ice Cream

Current Blessings My cats..They are such good boys.

Current Excitement The Olympics!!! - I just cancelled our cable, anyone know how to watch it with a roku, k Thanks!

What are you proud of for the month of July?  Do you have any August goals?