Friday, July 22, 2016

I ran a 5k and didn't die!

Stop, Vomit, Pass out, Die.. 

Every single thought went through my head at mile 2.2

I HATE the 5k

This past Tuesday I decided to run the Wesley Chapel Fast 5k.  It was a small, cheap, and local.   This event happens every other Tuesdays in Wesley Chapel right across from the new Outlets.  I still have yet to go to the outlets.  The start is right across the street and is a 1(ish) mile loop that you do almost 3x.  I actually really likes the course because you are never alone.  It started promptly at 7:45 pm.

I had a 25 minute tempo run that morning but I decided to be lazy and sleep in so I know I had to go.  I left my house a little after 6:15 and made my way up North a little.  I got there around 7, used the Chik-fil-A restroom and went for my 1 mile warm up.  The warm up was surprisingly ‘fast” for me these days.  I did it around 11:40 ish.

I walked over to the site of the start and the race directer approached me and we chatted for a few minutes.  Gave him my payment then met up with Lindsay who I was talking to about going.  We met through Team in Training and is running and is training for her first full.  I am not so secretly hoping she runs 26.2 miles with me at Disney!

 I was very happy to see her there since it was such a small race.  There were no bibs, everyone just new each others names.

In my head I knew I wanted to negative spilt, I had my mile goals in my head.  I wanted to hit 11:00, 10:30 10:00.

I didn't take any pictures so I figured I would add these random Pictures
As soon as the horn went off, so were we.  All 10 or so of us :)

Those times went right out the door.  Lindsay and I ran the first 2 miles together, or I should say she ran them with me.  We were able to hold on to a conversation so I didn’t think I was going too fast.  I looked down at my watch after the first .25 and saw 9:30 and knew I had to go slower so I attempted to slow down.  I was finally able to get my first mile to a 10:12.  Mile 2 was about a 10:20 and then shit hit the fan.

I told Lindsay she didn’t have to wait for me, a little after mile 2 I put my water bottle down, I dropped it, went back to pick it up.  I was a mess.  I was dying!  I didn’t think I could keep running.  I was trying to keep the pace as close to 11 as possible, I didn’t want to positive split but I did.  I slowed it down telling myself since I technically did a way too fast tempo I can do the rest as a cool down.  I wanted to walk so bad, I seriously thought I was going to vomit everywhere.  I finally made it to the finish line and thought I was going to pass out.  

I finished in 33:!3- I tell myself a 10:30 pace should not be hard and then I remember I live in Florida in the middle of summer.  The weather was nice, it was cool in the low 80s.

I am most proud that I didn’t I've up, I didn't walk.  My last 5k- over a year ago I walked 2x- I am also pretty sure I finished that race 3 minutes or so faster.

At the finish there was nice ice cold water and cold wash clothes.  It was wonderful!
Hi human- please open the window so I can stare at nothing.

If the race started earlier I would 100% do this race again.  I go back to work next week and a 7:45 start is just too late for me when school starts.  If you are in the area, I would run this.  Everyone is so friendly.  There is a cash prize for the first 2 males and females.  I places top 5 in the women- There were 5 women.. HAHA!! and I was the last one to finish.  I knew going in I would be the last to finish and I still went- Getting my brain game in order!!

What is your favorite race distance?   The Half marathon

What is your most hated race distance? The 5k

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  1. 5ks are always so painful for me, great job finishing it in this heat. By the way when is this heat stopping.
    And back to work in a week uggghhhhh.
    I am back on the 8th and it just seems like summer flew by!


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