Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New York City Marathon 2013 Pre-Race Recap

I should probably start this post warning everyone this is probably the post you are not expecting to see..

The New York City Marathon is a *magical* race, or so I was told.

I started July 1st training with the goal of sub 5, so 4:59:59 would have been great.  Unfortunately with injuries I moved that goal to 5:15 and knowing there were bridges and hills, I thought it was doable.  Oh, it was not, but I shall get to that later :)

I flew up to NY Thursday after work, was picked up at the airport, spent time with my Aunt and Uncle and went to bed.  Friday we woke up and made our way to the Expo.  Everything was great at the expo.  It was well managed and we never had an issue.  I received an email the week before telling me to stop at a special booth to pick up a bracelet.  With that bracelet I received last years shirt and my medal! NYRR pulled out all the stops this year.  I am certainly an expo's best customer so I stocked up on NYCM pants, 3 t shirts, 1 tank top, 3 cups for me and as gifts, arm warmers (Oh thank heavens I purchased those), a hat x2, and a teddy bear.  After we made our way through the official merchandise we walked around the expo and I tried to be as good as possible and I think I only purchased a pair of compression pants for post race.

After the expo we made our way back up town, went to lunch and relaxes before I met Christa and her uncle for dinner at the Hilton around Times square for the Team in Training's Dinner.  I stocked up on chicken, pasta, and of course dessert.  I hydrated well with lots of water...typical :)  We purchased cheering hands for our family for race day and took lots of fun pictures.  (once I get them from Christa I will definitely share them here)

Team In Training pulled out all the stops.  There was not a dry eye in the room by the end of the night. It is the 25th anniversary and they had the founded of TNT as well as his daughter there who this group was started for.

Saturday morning we woke up and of course went shopping.  What would a day in the city be with your aunt if you didn't go shopping?  I got some new lululemon pants and skirts and a new North Face fleece because apparently what I was wearing from high school was not socially acceptable.  I thought it was just fine.  Maybe this is why I ask my friends, or more like tell them I need them to take me shopping.   Lunch was at Chipotle.  I made my way to Trader Joes to get some food for dinner.  I pre-made dinner because my dad and I were staying at a hotel in Staten Island Saturday night and I did not want to worry about where or what I was gong to eat.  Once I met my dad we were on our way to Staten Island, the place I grew up.  It was so weird being "back', even if it was only for one night.
I managed to scarf down my grilled chicken and gluten free pasta.  I kept drinking my water and Gatorade and was definitely asleep by 9:30.  At the latest.   I had a beautiful nights sleep.  I did do some tossing and turning but felt well rested when I woke up Sunday morning ready to conquer 26.2 miles through the famous NYC with over 50,000 of my closest running friends!