Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Leters: Bon Voyage

Dear Friday, This week went so quick since I have been preparing for a long trip.  It is bitter sweet that you are here already.  I am excited to go away but I don't feel at all prepared.  I have been so focused on moving and the end of school that I didn't prep.  Here I am, off for a month,

Dear Readers, Don't be surprised that you don't see me for another month.  I know the last few months I have been posting sporadically but hey, that is life.  I hope once I come back from being away, I will have more time and the motivation to post at NYC Marathon training will begin!

Dear Vacation, I am ready for you!  First Trip is to New York City for the day.  Sunday I head to Israel with Birthright.  I will say more on that when I return.  I am really excited as I have only heard wonderful things.  I hope I packed enough, but not too much.  I feel like I will be roughing it, I am sure I will not be.  After Israel for 10 days its back to New York City to spend time being a tourist again, and running through my beloved Central Park.  I do have two 5 mile races actually that weekend.  After some time in NY its down to Cape May for the remainder of the week.  I can't wait to spend July 4th having a BBQ, riding bikes and soaking up the sun, oh, and of course shopping!

Dear Airlines, please don't let there be any delays and hopefully my suitcase isn't too heavy!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Do you have any vacations planned this summer?
Have you or know anyone who has gone on a birthright trip?  What should I expect?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Letters Summertime

Has it really been over a month since I have posted on here?  I was in shock but I guess that is what happens when life seems to be rolling at full speed.

I can't believe it is finally here, the day all students and teachers dream of, the last day of school.  So, technically it isn't the last day of school because teachers are supposed to come in on Monday, but there are no students.  This summer I have lots of plans to travel, marathon train, and maybe get life in order.  I hope pto be buying a house so summer is already looking busier than I want it to be, but that is life. 

Here is to my favorite day of the week, Friday, and my Friday letters!

Dear Friday,  I have been waiting for this specific Friday since August.  Lucky for me, I do not have classes today because my seniors tested a few weeks ago. Everything is ready to go and I am ready for days on the beach!  Today I was supposed to go to First Friday in St. Pete but it seems that this Trpical storm Andrea is going to derail that, maybe I will make it to Augusts'.  Friday is also our end of the year lunchin and then Orange Theory Fitness which I am really enjoying.

Dear Students, Sometimes I wonder why I teach but getting your evaluations back made me realize there are some good days, some bad days, some really bad days, but overall, it's worth the bad days.  My goal for next year, become a better teacher.  As probably that is everyone's goals should be.

Dear Summer heat, you are killing these runs.  Simple as that. 

Dear Bloglovin, I have finally had the chance to figure you out and I really like you. I just need to figure out which blogs I read and add you to my list.  So, if you are a blogger and would like me to follow you, pleaes leave me a comment or email me with your blog name :)

That is all for today, but I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

What are your summer plans?  Have you ever had a time when you realized why you are doing what you do?
What blogs should I follow?