Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social: Vacation

It's that time of the week when things become hectic with the start of another work week, instead, let's take a few minutes to talk about vacations with Neely and Ashley with their link up for Sunday social.

Best trip you've ever been on
The best trip I hae ever been to was New Zealand.  It was amazing there.  It was relaxing and adventurous.  I went there not knowing anyone and left with great memories.

Best idea for a girls weekend trip
The beach, nice and relaxing with some local bars to go totally crazy :)

Best idea for a couples trip
A relaxing getaway with some adventure or sightseeing.  Zip-lining, the eiffel tower, Disney..should I continue>

Best vacation on the cheap
The beach, national parks.  It's great to pack a picnic, some drinks, a blanket and you have the whole day at your hands

Place you most want to visit
I want to visit Asia!  

Vacation/Travel necessities
Good Shoes and a good attitude.

I tried to keep this post as simple as possible as there are so many ideas floating through my head.  I just got back from vacation last week and it was a great time.  Me, family, and the beach; I could not ask for more.  I am also very simple and easy to please.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Workout: Saturday Linkup

This is going to be an intro to a link up Kat, Meghan, and myself will be hosting once Meghan gets back from her honeymoon!

I wanted to share with you all what we will be doing.

I am so excited to announce our first Saturday Linkup about our Weekly Workouts.

I am linking up with Katrina and Meghan to share our workouts we participate in each week to motivate each other and ourselves.

We hope you link up as we are so excited to get this started!

As for my workout here is goes:

This week was a little crazy for me just getting back from vacation and getting things organized and back to normal, not to mention, it was also my birthday this week.

I purchased a living social deal a few months ago for crossfit.  It expires soon so I needed to use it so I finally went with this being my last "free" month before school starts up again.  I went on Tuesday with no expectations, when I left I wanted to go back Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately, I was too sore but I made it back on Thursday morning.  You can find my recap to crosffit here. I already have a love /hate relationship.  That being said, two days of strength training is a big deal for me!

Thursday after crossfit, I still needed to get in my miles so I met up with my Coach at the Fitniche run over at Wiregrass mall in Wesley Chapel for out Thursday 5k.  I just purchased minimalist running shoes so we took those out for  little job; boy did my calves hurt Friday! Yowzaaa

I can also say that as I am writing this post, every muscle in my body hurts!

Saturday on my marathon training schedule has 12 miles.  I am ready to conquer those 12 miles and maybe if I am ambition, I wil get another one in..

Hope everyone had a great weekly workout and can't wait to hear what you guys did!  It will certainly motivate me!

And link up :)

Vote for me! Operation Jack

Hi Everyone!  This is going to be a short post because I need your help.
I am in a contest that requires your help!
This grant, from Operation Jack, would give me $250.00 towards my fundraising minimum for the Leukemia and Lymphoma's Team in Training.

I am currently training for the New York City Marathon as well as Disney's Goofy and half.

Please go to this site and vote.  Vote for Genna Himelfarb

Please leave a message below telling you have voted and if you are lucky, and I win, you will be entered into a drawing for a prize!

Thanks for your help!

If you cannot vote, please visit the below site to make a donation.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alex's Story

I was just looking through my blog and remembered I had a blog when I first started with Team in Training for the Disney's Wine and Dine back in 2010.  I found this story that I posted and wanted to share it.  This is from May 28, 2010

friday, may 28, 2010

Alex's story

Each morning before practice we do a mission moment. This allows us to reflect on WHY we are training and raising money.
This is this weeks mission moment
"Hello, my name is Alex. When I was twelve years old I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I went through numerous tests and scans, and after a biopsy I was diagnosed with stage 2B. I had to undergo chemotherapy for one to two years and radiation for 6 months.
Going through that is very hard at any age. But if you hold on, and don’t give up you will make it through. There were many times during my treatment where I didn't think I could do it anymore, but I didn't give up because I thought about what would happen if I did, and what it would be like when it was all over. Let me just say that thinking of what it will be like when it’s over, is a lot better than thinking about giving up. With my family by my side, my friends, and stories from other successful victims of this terrible disease, I made it through.
I am 15 now and I have been in remission for 3 years. I am glad I didn't give up, because now I can act and most importantly feel like a normal child. I also have bright hopes for my future. After going through something like this you feel like you can accomplish anything, and if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough, you can.
When I am older I hope to be an Anesthesiologist. Also when I turn 16, I would like to race my jet-ski to raise money that can be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Just remember that if you think of the outcome and don’t give up, you will make it through. Also, think of all the people like me that HAVE made it through and were successful in fighting off this terrible disease. "

Have you donated yet?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My First Crossfit experience

Now that I am back from a wonderful vacation it is time to get back to reality.  I spent the week relaxing by the beach, reading, eating, spending time with the family, shopping in New York City and catching up with some great friends.  While I was there, my training and all forms of exercise were put to a halt.  The weather in New York and New Jersey was hot and sticky.  The weather at 8am was 85, muggy and sunny and running in that was not fun.  I could have woken up earlier and not run while the sun was out, but I figured it was vacation, I should sleep in.  
Beautiful Cape May Beach

It is now time to get back to reality I suppose.  I have some fun races coming up I would really like to be prepared for (Disney's Tower of Terror Ten Miler, NYC Marathon, Florida Halloween Half a thon, Disney's Goofy and  Half Challenge, Sarasota Half Marathon) That is a little too much I am thinking.

To get back to reality I tried crossfit.  I bought a living social deal way back in the day and it expires next week.  I had to go, I wanted to go, I just needed to find the right time.  This week/month seemed like a perfect time to use it because teachers go back to work August 13, even though I am working this summer.  

Yesterday I put on my big girl gym clothes and went to crossfit Aero where my deal was from.  The instructors of or the people in charge were almost 10 minutes late.  That is not how I want to start off with a new "gym".  I knew I had to be there 15 minutes early to pay, fill out forms, get changes ( I was coming straight from a workshop).  I was starting to freak out, I am the one who is always on time, usually early.  When the trainers came it was a rush to get everyone in and settled.  After that things began to get better as I everyone was very nice, friendly, and helpful.  Luckily I saw someone I knew, Brian, who works at the local Fitniche and has helped me through the years.  

The trainers were saying the class was extra large with 6-10 people normally showing up, yesterday there were about 18 so they had to keep an eye on a lot more people.  The first thing we did was a warm up of stretches and boy did those feel good.d  I am not very good with stretching as much as I used to, I needed it.  They they told us what our agenda was.  It is also written on the board, just in case!  The workout for the beginning was "goat" which was to work on anything we needed to "work" on, or to improve.   Well, there I was, a deer caught in headlights!  I had no idea what I needed to improve on, I have never done this before.  It was a real great opportunity to people watch.  An instructor showed me back squats with a little bit of weight so I just did those, I did about 5 sets on 10 and called it a day when my leg started to cramp.  Some more people watching took place.

Next up was the "WOD", workout of the Day.  They we do as a group and is times.  We went around as many times as we could in 12 minutes.  I managed to get through 12 before I thought I may pass up. My hearing went in one ear for about a minute.  I stood in front of the fan, drank my water and cooled off for the next few minutes.  The trainers modified the workout for me being it was my frist time.  They  were great!

The WOD:
3 hspu- handstand push ups ( I did regular ones)
5 pull ups- I again, modificiatin
7 box jumps
9 walking lunges.

Yup, I only made it around 4 times.

I enjoyed this class, I enjoyed how it is a group class, but you are able to modify and go at your own pace.  I will be back and I hope the trainers are not late again because that is my biggest pet peeve.  

Today, I think my arms hurt and I want to go back!  There is a class in 40 minutes, and if I finish this post in time, I will be there..I missed my run this morning because I was Lazy.. Again.Genna, you need to be accountable!

This my promise to me, and you, my readers..accountability.  This started out as a journal for my trainings, and I will again, implement that.  I will cover new workouts I do as well and share what I do.  

Have you tried crossfit?  How did it help you achieve your goals?

Have you checked out my giveaway on my previous post?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Reading

Now that it is summer and I have all the time in the world more work and training's for work, I actually have a few minutes to sit down and read.  It is so nice to not have to come home and grade, lesson plan, email parents, and so on.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job.  I love doing what I do, but I know why we have to have a summer break; to re-energize, lay on the beach, sleep, run, eat all the necessities in life!

I am such a book worm and during the year it is very hard to get into books with everything else going on.  This month alone I have already plowed through a bunch of books.  

-5o Shades of Grey (not a fan of )
-50 Shades Darker (Not a fan of)
-50 Shades Freed (not a fan of)
-Two for the Money- Janet Evanovich (enjoyed-Hysterical)
- Three to Get Deadly- Janet Evanovich (enjoyed- hysterical)
-The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein (loved- a must read)
-First Triathlons by Gail Kislevitz (mediocre, didn't motivate me to do another one)
Currently: Let's pretend This never happened (A mostly true memoir)- Jenny Lawson

Now this is where I need your help!
I need your recommendations of what book(s) I should read next!  For your help, I will be giving away 1 $15.00 Barnes and Nobles Gift card to get yourself a book!!

Happy Reading


Today I turn 26

This scares me to death

Happy Birthday to me

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Social: TV Talk

It's sunday and that means it is time for Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley!  I enjoy this link up because it gives readers the opportunity to know to know the writer :)  This week is TV related and here we go...

This weeks questions:

Favorite TV show of the past:
I have a few of these, but if I had to choose only one it would be 7th Heaven.  I was a total WB girl growing up.  Other shows included Dawson's Creek, Everwood, Sister Sister, Full House, Saved By the Bell...Should I continue?

Favorite TV show currently:Oh this is a hard once because for the last year or so I really have not watched TV.  I do love the Biggest Loser, Nurse Jackie, and anything on the Food Network!

Which Reality Show would you NEVER do? Any of them?  

Which Reality Show would you LOVE to do? Iron Chef, Cupcake Wars, not that I am good or anything I think that would be fun! I would also LOVE to be on Biggest Loser to have the opportunity to train with Bob and Jill:) 

TV personality/character that you feel is most like you? I have never really looked at characters and compared them to myself.  Again, I also am not a T.V watcher so this is too difficult..SKIP  

TV character you'd want to date? Finn from Glee! I have just a slight crush on him :)

Sorry for my lack of pictures, I just got back from vacation and rushing this post!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting to know my blog

A few weeks ago, I saw that Neely posted these questions for her Sunday Social link up.   At that time, I didn't have time to answer them, but I really liked them.  I wanted to answer them and figured this is a great post to schedule while I am out of town :)  Here you guys go!

 How did you come up with your blog name?
I actually copied it from Amber over at T is for Teaching.  I loved her name and I wanted to incorporate the fact that I taught and run.  That is where R is for Running came into play :)

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
All the people I have met or associate with.  People are ever so helpful!  And it has documented each journey I have taken on.

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without?
Hmm.. This is a hard one, I may have to get back to you on this one, but it may be a recipe or the networking of blogs.  I can't go without reading so many of your blogs!

Facebook or Twitter? and why?
Both, but for blogging..TWITTER  and I am new to twitter so you can find me at

If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
Any celeb. honestly!  I have a major crush on John Travolta since my favorite movie is grease, 

What is something you want people to know about your blog?
I do not sugar coat anything.  I tell it how it is.  These are my feelings and I love all the support and encouragement each one of you has given me!  There is no rhyme or reason to what I write sometimes and sometimes I go on a blog hiatus when life get's really busy.  This isn't how I make money, this is a hobby :)

And THANK YOU readers :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Becoming a runner

I have been getting a bunch of people recently asking how I started running because they want to increase their distance or want to start running.

I should probably start by saying I have not always been athletic.  I was nominated "laziest" staff member when I worked as a counselor at a sleep away camp, and will never forget that.  Yes, it was funny, but also very hurtful.  It is funny how something like that will resinate with you, especially on those long runs, trying to prove everyone wrong.

Running has never been easy for me. One mile is sometimes still hard on the treadmill.  ( I will never forget when I ran one mile non stop on the treadmill). One New Years I made a resolution to complete a 5k, I wanted to be active and didn't know how.  I started with the couch to 5k program but it didn't really work for me as I was on the treadmill and it felt funny.  I had no idea what speed I was supposed to be running because I never ran before.  As I started with that for a few weeks I needed to figure something else out. I needed more intervals and what better than songs since I would listen to my ipod on the treadmill.  I started one song run, one song walk, etc.  I then progressed to  two songs run, one song walk, etc.  It was time to do the first 5k and for me, I rocked it!  I wanted to do it in under 45 minutes, because all I cared about was finishing it.  I managed to run it in under 35 minutes I believe with some walking stops of course.  That is how I began running.  

After a 5k or two or three, I wanted to increase my distance as I never really cared about speed.  To me, that was important.  I tried longer distances, but again I didn't really know how.  That is when I joined team in training just to see about it without any real intention to join.  I left that meeting registered!!  They provided me with a coach and all I had to do was fundraise.  I had a schedule to follow.  It got easier and easier because I was being accountable.  I slowly increased my milage, they recommend about 10% a week.  I incorporated a lot of run walks to get my body used to the feeling of being on my feet for so long.  

I remember, while training for my first Half, I said I would never do a Full marathon and on that last day of training for my half, I wanted to do a full.  

The way to get the miles increased is to do it slowly and safely.  Do not push your body past its limits.  Listen to it, if it says slow...SLOW..if it says rest..REST
Yes..simple as that!!

I hope everyone finds their grove in running like I have, I may not be the fastest, but I can guarantee I am the happiest one out there :)


and please remember, I am not a certified coach, or a coach at all..Just a girl on the running trying to help out a fellow runner 

You can also check out my Team in Training webpage (and make a donation) here:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July: Go for the goals!

Is it really July?
July means it is time for my birthday..It is right around the corner
And July 4th
And Beers and Barbeques
And mosquito's
Beach Days....
I can keep going, but instead, I will give you my goals for July....

Goal 1: Relax
I need some time to relax.  I went from teaching to working summer camp and as I continue to work summer camp, I need to find time for me to just relax and chill out.

Goal 2: New classes
I am adding this to my goals.  Try new classes at the gym.  I am so focused on running, running, running that it is consuming me and I want to also work and incorporate strength and the best way for ME is to go to classes.

Goal 3: Eat healthy
Once I get back from vacation, I want to start eating healthy again.  It always makes such a difference in training for marathons.

Goal 4:  Tan
Yes, Lay and the pool, the beach and just bake in the sun.  I do wear sunscreen and lots of it.  That is how you know yo are a runner.  You cannot afford a sunburn because it would take away from running if it hurts. :)

What are your July goals?
How did you do on your June goals?

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Goal Recap time

Wow! I cannot believe June is over.  This month has flown by and I guess that means it is time for a recap of the goals I made for June.  To be honest, I haven't looked at them and cannot even tell before looking at them if I accomplished the.  You can find the post here for my June goals.

Goal 1: Portfolio..Accomplished, and even was offered a job!!!!

Goal 2: Try new classes at the gym..Sort of?  I haven't tried any new classes yet, but I did do Yoga at the Park and Spin once a week

Goal 3: Triathlon..YES!!!! You can read all about there here and I am even thinking about another one.  

Goal 4: Save Money..big fat negative, again

Goal 5: Blog.. For the most part this was complete.

Goal 6:  Not obsess over my weight.. As I still weigh myself often, I have not obsessed or gotten upset.  What is the point?  Oh, maybe the fact my clothes do not fit but I am busy busting my butt on the runs and I can tell a difference in the way my legs feel..ROCK SOLID :)

Check back tomorrow, or the next day for my July goals!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Social: Let's go shopping!

It is Sunday and that means it is Sunday Social time with Neely and Ashley!
I am currently on vacation and it is so needed!!  

What is your favorite store to shop at?
Target..It pretty much has everything a girl can want
Publix.  yes, I love to food shop, I can spend hours in there looking at everything 

If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
I actually find this question very hard.  I am not sure at all on this one.  I really like all brands and never wished I could have something over the top.  But maybe some Christian Louboutin's

Must have closet staple?
Cardigan, Call me a grandma!  But I need something to keep my warm when I go to movies or out to dinner

Favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
my TOMS!!!  I have about 7, brown, grey, silver, blue, red, green..should I continue?  I used to think they are hideous, but they are most comfortable.

Best clothing deal you've ever gotten? 
I love a good sale so I couldn't even tell you!  I see "sale" and my eyes light up :)  There has been many an amazing deal.