Monday, October 6, 2014

An Ironman decision...

If you remember many moons ago I signed up for Ironman Arizona.  Signing up for an Ironman was not a lighthearted decision, it was something I wanted to do for a while and things fell into place for me to register.  I may not have been as prepared as I wanted to be when I signed up for it but I knew I could get to the start line if I really wanted to, and I was ready to put in the needed training.  I contacted a coach, I was ready to get started.  I knew there were many sacrifices I was going to have to make, I thought I was going t have people to train with.  When I signed up I thought I was going to vomit everywhere.  I couldn’t even sleep for a few nights afterwards.

Unfortunately, I will not be toeing that start line in November like I planned to almost a year ago.  Life happens!  Ironman Arizona is just not in the books for me this year and all for good reasons!

Just a few weeks after signing up for IMAZ, Behn proposed and shortly after that we put a deposit on a house.

Apparently wedding planning and building a house are expensive, just sayin’!  

I knew once we got engaged the right decision was to not complete the race.  I felt it was selfish for me to put all my time and money into a race when it should be put towards our future.  Many times I would say bike vs. fridge, somehow the fridge won.  

We have been engaged almost 11 months and there are still NO wedding plans.  Wedding planning has been stressful, and unfortunately it is stressful because of our limited budget.  I am hoping some day...preferably soon I can report back with a wedding date.  At this point, elopement sounds wonderful.  I just know I will regret the decision.  Most girls dream about our wedding days.  I have always wanted an outside beach ceremony with all my friends and family.  I dreamt of the day my dad gets to walk me down the aisle, the first dance, the daughter dance, and a candy bar with all our favorite treats (because that is necessary).
Just a cute little Coon and myself

Now that it is all out there that I am not doing Arizona my goal is a sub 5 marathon.  Truth be told, there is no reason I should not be able to pull it off.  This is the second time I am gunning for this time.  I am training the best that I can be.  Some weeks are better than others that is for sure.  This past weekend I did a 16 miler and it was AMAZING at an 11:35 pace.  A sub 5 marathon is right under 11:30 I believe.  The weather and the company was perfect.  I surely hope it stays around.

Now you know why there has been a lack of running and swimming on dailymile, facebook, instagram, and any other social media site there is!

What is up next for you?  Thanks for sticking around and reading

Have you ever had to step back from a race?  Why?

And lastly, why won't my iphoto upload my phone pictures? HELP!!!