Sunday, May 13, 2012

Miles for Moffitt Race Recap

This past Saturday, May 12, 2012 was the Annual Miles for Moffit run/walk.  Miles for Moffitt was located at the University of South Florida (GO BULLS) and I have heard about this race for a few year, I never had the opportunity to do it until this year.  There are many distances to choose from, as there is an ultra, 5 miler, 5k, and the 1 miler.

A few weeks ago I decided to sign up with Run Tampa.  I decided on the 5 miler to kick start my marathon training.  I wasn't very prepared for this race as I thought I would be.  Life happens and I usually put work before running or doing anything for me.  There was a lot going on these past weeks and as we are coming to a close for the school year, there is so much that needs to get done.

On Saturday, I woke up and headed to USF.  It took me less time than expected as there was no traffic heading into campus yet.  I had to be there a little early to pick up my race bib and goodies.  I found a parking spot right away and headed to the booth to pick up my bib, safety pins, and my shirt.  Unfortunately, there were no more small shirts, only a medium.  I happily took that as well as my Rays tickets I did not know I was going to get!  Hmm, maybe If I cannot go I can do a giveaway.  I like the idea of that.

I met up with Meghan, we chatted put our stuff back in the car then met up with Tori who was running the 5k with Girls on the run.  We all chatted, caught up for the few minutes before we headed to the start line.  On the way, I ran into Rachel who was looking to PR in the 5k.  At 7:30, the 5 mile peeps were off!!  Right on time!!  I love a race that is right on time, yes I am OCD.

The course was very nice.  I passed an old student of mine from when I was interning, at the second water stop I saw Samantha and Christina's Mom!  (She is the best)  I gave her a hug and was back on my way.  The course was "hilly" but I knew that going into it as I went to school there.  I passed or I should say, John and Jennifer passed me.  The volunteers were great!  I had a timed goal of 1:00-1:05 because of my injury and not running I figured that would be great.  Not too fast, not too slow (for me of course).

I managed to come in around 1:03is.  And I add the "ish" because:

then..the official race results (sorry it is small, I am still attempting to learn a screen shot on a mac)

Therefore, I am not sure what is "really" true as yes, I know you often run more because of the weaving (I did none of that), and the turning, but It was not only me that is having this issue.  The 5kers are also getting an additional .1, but I am not all that concerned.

Samantha and I
Meghan and I

After the race, I met back up with Meghan, she kicked BUTT!  She is so quick!
West did his first 5k and 
Samantha is READY to train for a 5k this time ;)

I did enjoy this race.  I loved how close it was to my house and the ample volunteers on the course.  I wish they would have had a smaller race shirt for me as it is almost down to my knees.  I also am hearing a lot of problems with the length of the course as well as the results being posted.  Many peoples are wrong as they did the 5k and a random number is under the 5Miler.  Meghan's is not even posted to who knows.

I will most likely be back next year as long as I no longer have any other commitments.  

What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun and exciting you want to add?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Going for the Goal: May

It's May.
School is almost over.
Summer is almost here.
It's time for another month of goals.
This time, let's work harder at achieving them.

Goal 1: Get a haircut
Get a haircut.  Pretty simple, I have not gotten my hair cut in about a year.  Last May, I chopped my hair off and donated it to locks of love.  It was my second time doing this.  I am growing my hair out again to donate it.  My hair is gross and needs a trim.  

Goal 2:Run 6 miles.  
I have not ran more than 4 miles since December.  Marathon training begins this month.  Hopefully I will work my way up to 6 miles. :) 

Goal 3: Loose Weight
Wait, are you surprised this is on the list because I am not.  Weight is a battle I have been fighting since High School.  After packing on the pounds since being injured, I need to get them off.  My goal this month is 135.  On this note, my next goal is:

Goal 4: Tome it Up
I purchased the Tone it up diet plan because I have hit rock bottom.  My goal is to start utilizing it

Goal 5: Veganesque
I have been reading up on a Vegan diet, and I want to incorporate it into my diet.  I will not be totally vegan, but modified.  I will still eat fish.  I was to slowly ween myself into this lifestyle.  I think this will be my hardest goal.

Goal 6: Resume
I need to finish my resume.  I will probably be looking for a job because of how the Hillsborough School system works.  I am a temporary employee and will not be guaranteed a job after June 11.  
This is also were you come in.  If you know of anyone that is hiring, let me know!  I am amazing and people love :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going for the Goal: April: Recap

Is it really the end of April?  I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by.
Yesterday, when I was on Twitter, I saw Meghan’s Tweet about the April recap and linking up.  It blew my mind that May was approaching.  
I started my goals a little but late this month, with that being said, I had a bout half a month to complete them.  Now it is time to see how I did.  You can find my post with the goals here.  
Goal 1:  Save Money
Umm yea, I just looked at my bank account and I wonder when is payday and how long ago it was.  This month for some reason was very tight with money.  I did put money away, it is still away but I am scared I will have to use it next month or even at the end of this month as pay day is not till Friday, Rent is due Tuesday, again that slipped my mind and I have a bachelorette party this weekend.
2.Loose Weight
My goal was to loose three pounds and be 131.8, instead i gained a WHOLE lot of weight and when i jumped on the scale this morning I weighed a wooping 144.2.  This is something I am not proud of, and I really need to get this eating under control.  I have my reasons why I think I can’t stop eating, but that I will get to another day. 
3.Do my Hair 1x a week
Yes!! This I have done :)  And it’s getting cut
4. Train
So, I have been training, just not as religiously as I should be.  I have gotten one swim in, a FEW runs, and a spin class.  I just purchased a helmet to take a real bike out on the road.  That is scary.
Now that I have recapped how I did with my goal, it is time to make my May goals.  I started brainstorming today and have them ready, just need to write them up.
How did you do with your April goals?