Wednesday, March 16, 2016

United NYC Half Marathon training recap and goal

Hey there!

It certainly has been some time since I updated this little thing on my training but I head to New York in just a day and figured I should turn on this rusty old computer.  When I first started training for the UnitedNYC Half I thought I was update the blog regularly with how my training is going, but honestly, I blame my computer.  My computer is old and slow and a pain to work with.  I need a new one.  I also need a new car, work clothes, a cell phone, to pay off my mortgage, pay off my students loans; so a computer is not high on the priority list.  But running the NYC Half Marathon is :)

Here is how training went. 
For not running consistently for about 8 months before I started training, I think I did a damn good job.  I did miss about 5 workouts here or there which I am not proud of but life gets in the way and that’s the truth.  Some days I had to bring my cats to the vet or I worked late, some days I went home and laid in bed. One time I was at work ready to get changed for work, I took my work pants off to put my running shorts off then put my work pants back on because I was tired and didn’t want to go.  Yup, pathetic but the truth.
Yay, I almost hit a 100 mile month...ALMOST

Most of my runs were pretty decent there were a few I was disappointed with.  I enjoyed the long runs, except for 1.  I am calling that a win!  My tempo miles were not as fast as I would have liked them to be but my body just isn’t there yet.  I did a few strength training day, again, not as many as I would have likes but certainly more than I have done in the past.  I also managed to gain 5-6 pounds because potato chips and watching TV because more important that walking and grading.  My highest weekly mileage was 30 and lowest was 13.5 (FAIL!!)  I managed to be put on steroids twice this training cycle and the first time my paces were so fast I thought I had a PR in me, little did I realize it was just the steroids.
My TNT girls

Who I ran with. 
The first half of the training plan I ran alone for my long runs, they were short enough I didn’t have to put water out and my scheduled allowed me to even get some runs done on a Thursday or a Friday.  Most Sunday recovery runs Behn joined in with me so it was nice to have some time to spend with him.  For the second part I joined Team in Training and was able to run with my girls!  It was a nice change of pace.  
Behn I headed out for 2 miles.  It was in the 50s and this is how different we dress.

What I listened to:
I don’t normally run with music or anything but if it was a long or recovery run I would sometimes pop on serial season two.  If I wanted to get out of my head I would jab out to Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. 
My tempo runs I didn’t listen to anything except for my heavy uncontrolled breathing (sorry Coach).  

I ran one race while training for the NYC Half.  I ran the Orlando Best Damn Race 10k and really enjoyed it.  This was a peak week for me and my legs were toast.  I managed to go 1:03:29 and was very happy with that.  I secretly wanted to PR or go a little faster but I am OK with that!  My current PR is 1:02: with some change, I forgot already!

So thats how my training went :)

I have a few goals I am going to share.  These are very loose goals because this is my first half marathon in well over a year.  I have no idea where my half fitness is, in terms of racing.  Obviously I would Love a shiny new PR but thats not what I am aiming for.  Besides having fun and running through my favorite place in the World, Times Square, I want to see where my half fitness is.

Finished BDR 10K
Ideally, Here is what I would like to see and here are by A, B, C Goals:
A Goal: 2:15
B Goal 2:18 (This would be a coarse PR, I think)

C Goal - Keeping an 11:00 pace or better and not die :)

How do you determine your goals for race day?

Anyone know of any way to make my Macbook Pro faster?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

NYC Half Marathon training week 2

Slow down! Slow down! TIME

I swear, I can’t catch my breath!  It’s already the last week of the semester and the stress of students testing is ridiculous.   I want them to do amazing (Why don't some students care if they do well?)- I need AP students :)

Just wanted to show my pinterest fail 
We are already in the second week of the new year and I just completed my second week of half marathon training.  Wasn't yesterday just Thanksgiving?

This week of NYC Half Marathon training went surprisingly well.

Many days this week the weather was nice.  I was also put on steroids last week and I was told I may have kick ass workouts while I was on them, yea, I believe that to be true!  

I didn’t know how this week would go with being back to work and staying up way to long creating review games, etc. for my students.  By Wednesday, I was in bed with the lights out at 7:45.  Unfortunately I was not sleep till 9 but hey, I will take it!

To keep it short, here is how this week went

Monday: 4 miles, two at tempo.  9:42, 9:29- I am hoping this isn’t JUST because of the roids

Wednesday: 3 mile recovery

Thursday:  7 mile long run @ 11:20 pace - I am so tired I was so surprised by this.  (Shark week also came the next day, TMI- which could be why this was a faster paced run for me)

Saturday: 3 mile recovery with Behn

Sunday: 2.7  I was surprised I made it that far.  It was miserable!  This Florida humidity is truly killing me slowly!

Thats how my week went, how was your week?

This week my students test and we start getting ready for 150 new students in my classes! WooHoo!

This week I also hope to start making plans to go to NY to run this race.  Anyone else plan on being there?

Oh, and happy half birthday to me!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome Toby!

Just three weeks ago we welcomed this handsome child into our lives~
Hi, I am Toby!

If you don't follow me on social media (you should) you would see that I am the crazy cat lady!

One day while changing the name on my drivers license after work I decided it was smart for me to wonder down the block into the local animal shelter.  That was either a stupid or a smart decision.  I wouldn't call myself an animal lover but I would call myself a little crazy.
At the Vet, i am such a good boy.

I am not sure what made me decide to go there, maybe it was the fact that I believed Joey needed a friend, but I went in and looked at the kitties and puppies.  Yup, worst idea EVER!  I want them all and knew that wasn't possible.  I played with one cat that I fell in love with, it actually wasn't Toby.

I love belly rubs
This cat was just brought to the shelter that morning to be released back out because he was feral.  This cat was so loving!  I made Behn meet me at the Shelter on Wednesday incase he was going to be released Thursday, unfortunately when the cat looked at another cat he would hiss.  We didn't know if this was due to stress being in the small cages with so much other activity or because that was him.  We knew we couldn't take the chance with Joey, Behn found a similar (very handsome cat) that we took out and loved on.  This cat's name was Toby.  

When I was thinking about getting another cat I knew I wanted to name it either Toby or Boe because I think it goes with Joey.  Once I was his name I knew we had to get it, and yup he is the newest member of the family.

Joey wasn't immediately a fan of Toby but now they
I may have hip dysphasia but I can get up here! Hi Foot

yea, mom and I are bestie now

are best buddies!!! I know I will blog more about these cuties soon but our family is complete, for now, until I make another trip to the animal rescue.

Clearly up to no good
I've also filled out the paperwork to volunteer but I haven't heard back yet.


Adopt don't shop.  I promise you I will judge you if you shop, I just won't say anything to your face!

Have you ever adopted a pet?  Have you ever volunteered at a pet rescue?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Why I hired a Run Coach

Hi there!  How was everyones weekend, mine was too short of course and it was depressing knowing it was time to go back to work :(

On Saturday I posted how I was accepted and and mow training for the NYC half Marathon and hired a run coach.

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to apply for this, if I was chosen that would mean an added expense this year of flying up, possibly getting a hotel room (I love love love staying with my family but this time I would be with a friend), the endless shopping and eating in New York.  It also meant training again for a half marathon.  

Ever since February I really haven’t enjoyed running.  It began to be a task, the weather was getting warm, and I was burnt out.  Instead I joined orange theory fitness because I liked the way it made me feel, it pushed me outside my comfort zone and I wanted to tone up for the wedding and the cruise.  I lived for going to classes, seeing if I can get my heart rate into the orange zone, how high can I get my calories?.  

I decided to give it a go and once my friend Diana and I were notified we had gotten into the race she contacted our old team in training coach for a plan, she sent that to me and we were ready to go because she is also training for New Orleans half marathon (GO DIANA!)  I know myself and I know I am not accountable. If someone isn’t checking up on me, if I don’t have specific workouts, and paces to hit; it isn’t going to get done and I slack of.  I need specifics, its just me and it's how I work.

I have been reading Abby’s blog for a long time now and followed her running journey, her ups and her downs and it resonated with me.  Abby is very relatable, at least from reading her blog.  I knew she was getting certified to be a run coach and knew she would be the perfect fit for me.  

I was also too scared to ask Coach Steve to make me a plan and coach me again, I feel like I have let him down by not following a plan he made for me when I was supposed to run a race in October.  I didn’t have to heart to run it, I wasn’t prepared, and I knew it wouldn’t make me happy.  I also need some coddling right now.  And, I didn’t want to disappoint him. I also didn’t want to feel obligated to run with a specific group for long runs or speed work.

Abby and I spoke, I sent her my info and the next day she had a plan for me!  I am super excited to start and in my opinion, I rocked the first week!  I love how quickly everything went.  
This is me "stretching" at Disney

Side note, this is why I can't play those games on your phone that need another partner, I can't wait!  

I can’t remember the last time I trained for a stand alone half marathon so running less than 20 miles a week is so weird!  I don’t plan to PR this half marathon because I am not in PR shape, but if I do, hey!!! I definitely plan to use this race to see where I am physically. I want to do Dopey in 2017 (It has been a goal since it was announced)  and after Dopey I hope I can PR having all those extra miles on my legs. - I guess I should start saving.

Here’s to 2016!!!

One Joey picture for good measure!
I will certainly keep you all updated with my training, I am the worst at remembering to take pictures so they may be sparse and hopefully I won’t be too boring!