Friday, April 27, 2012

My favorite running thingies

I love a good list and was brainstorming things I could not live without.  I always manage to write them in different list and categorize it.

These are the Running things I could not live without

  • Brooks Ravenna 2:  I have found these shoes at Jackrabbit in New York city when I was visiting.  My old brooks would give me bad blisters.  (I have very sensitive feet). I am on my third pair right now of the same ones.  
  • Garmin 305:  This watch tells you your pace, distance, heart rate, lap time, etc.  I do not even use all of the functions because I am not the best when it comes to technology but it certainly gets the job done.  It is very easy to use.
  • Spibelt:  This is the perfect size to hold my phone and some snacks for the road.  If you know me, you know I love my snacks.  
  • Fuelbelt:  On the HOT SUMMER LONG runs these are perfect.  Fits right on my my hips and holds enough water to get me through a run.  It also comes with a little compartment for my snackies.  
  • Honeystingers:  I can’t do much fueling while I run.  It very often upsets my stomach but these honeystinger suckers are delicious.  They come in waffles also and they taste like a cookie.
  • Thick Hair Ties:  I have thick long hair so these are the only thing that keeps my hair up.  I also do not like the hair on my neck so I need a few.
  • Glide:  How many of our legs like to chafe together when we run?  Oh yes, mine do!  In Florida it is too hot for me to run in anything but shorts and this does wonders. It looks like deodorant and you just “glide” in on   MAGIC
  • Deodorant:  Pretty self explanatory  I think
  • Bobby pins:  This is perfect for the little fly aways you may have
  • Nike shorts:  These are fabulous with the little underwears.  Two things in one!
  • Sports Bra: For my fellow women, pretty self explanatory again.
  • Ipod Shuffle!! Duh, I almost forgot one
For all you beginner runners, I hope this list helped you.  For my experienced runners, do you have anything to add

My custom orthotics and my ipod just chillin

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wait, have I mentioned I am doing a TRI?

Less than two months till I TRI!

Have I mentioned lately that I signed up for a Triathlon?  I may or may not have mentioned it on here.
I saw this on Twitter actually via Callie, thewannabeathlete.

It is a reverse TRI and in a POOL!! I love the beach but hate the water.  It is my biggest fear to have to swim 
in it and then run on the sand, which just sounds gross.

I met my friend Jen the other night because she has an extra road bike I am going to purchase from her.  So yes, I signed up for a TRI without a bike and I can’t swim and haven’t run in 4 months.  I have 2 months to get my rear end in shape!!!

Now here is where YOU come in.  What do I need for a TRI?  What do I pack?  I am not sure what else to ask because I do not know what a TRI entails..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tampa Bay Lady Blogger Meet Up

This Sunday, Meghann and Callie organized a Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers meet up for bloggers in the Tampa Bay Area (in case you were unaware by the title).  We met over at The Lime Restaurant on South Howard.  I have been to this restaurant before and have mixed feeling about it.  It was nice to be introduced to the people who write these blogs.  As creepy as it sounds, and we all know I am a creeper, I feel like I sort of know these women.  I also met a bunch of bloggers that I haven’t read their blogs before.  It was great to find another great blog to read.  After reading Diana’s blog, I found out quinoa was kosher for Passover which I would have loved to know beforehand because I lived on Matzah and peanut butter and now I can’t even think about peanut 
butter, sad to say.  

We sat around and chatted, we introduced ourselves as well as our blogs.  We munched on chips and dip and I ordered a grilled fish wrap with a side salad.  Unfortunately, I did not like my food at all.  It was pretty bland.  Maybe it was because I did not get the tartar sauce on it.  I added salsa which made it edible.  Like I said earlier, this was the third time I went to The Lime.  The first time I didn’t like my taco’s one bit, the second time I ordered a bowl and it was delicious.  This time, not so good.  This was a 3pm get together so we were in between meals.  I was the only one to order a meal and I think the server was either a little annoyed and kept asking us if we wanted to order, or knew people were goin to review the restaurant and kept asking for customer service.  It got a little out of hand and I found it annoying.  
I certainly did not like the food, but the Nachos and trio dip did come out very quickly.  Hey had a nice big table for all of us and the weather was beautiful so we were able to sit with the windows open behind us.  

On that note, unless I have a reason to go to the Lime, I will not be back.  I do LOVE all the other restaurants by this owner.  Ciccio’s Lodge in Tampa Palms is my favorite restaurant in Tampa.  
It was so great getting to know a new group of girls who have similar interest.
I can’t wait for the next blogger get together in St. Pete, let me know if you are interested in attending!!

Thankful Thursday- last weeks that never posted

Thankful Thursday:
So, let’s just list this one out   I am thankful someone told me to write lists!!  Such a great way to track things
  • Planning periods:  With it being FCAT week here in Florida our schedules are out of wack.  With that being said, planning periods are nonexistent most days for most teachers.  It was so nice to get a break because having students testing and then “hanging” around it killer for them. They were just so excited when I told them they did not have another section.  So, having a planning period I am very grateful for.
  • Friends who TRI:  What would I do without great friends with great words of wisdom for a beginner who is learning to TRI.  This week I went to Jen’s to try her Road bike and she had so much wonderful info for me.  Yes, it went in one ear and out the other because there is just so much to know.  
  • Ebates:  I have had a membership for and a good friend told me about it and I bought a bracelet from because it was only $11.99 and after seeing Meghan’s Twitter how she got $15.00 back so I jumped on that offer.  I made 3 dollars off of a very pretty bracelet.  
  • Whole Foods Market:  This has officially become my favorite food store, besides Publix of course.  They have such a great selection of fish and premade meals.  I stocked up on shrimp which as on sale for $5.99, quinoa burgers, tofu, and  brown rice wasabi crackers.  I just enjoy the fresh salad bar and the soup selections.  And, if you bring your own bag they will either give you $.10 or donate it if you choose.  
  • A broom:  I just got new students today.  They are three guinea pigs.  My students LOVED them, but boy do they make a mess!!!  There is hay everywhere and they were pooping and peeing everywhere.  On that note, I am thankful for Clorox wipes.
On that note, I am always thankful for my loyal readers and even more thankful for all your kind words.  I LOVE comments!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kitchen Staples

Are you a list maker?  I would not be able to survive without a list.  Not only would I not get anything done, I would not remember what I have to get done.  I would forget what to buy at the stores, how many miles I need to run, what I need to pack on trips.  The list is endless of what type of lists I make.  I make lists for what I need to tell my students, what to plan.  Oh when it is time for the weekend, that list gets very long!

Today my list will consist of my Kitchen Staples.  I would love to get your feedback on what is a staple in your house?  What does it consist of?  Healthy foods, your favorite foods, what you eat with every meal?

Here is my Kitchen staple:
-Frozen Green Peas:  This may sounds like an odd one but I eat green peas with everything!! I put it in my pasta, have them as a snack.  I use them to ice my knees

-Fruit:  This is certainly one of my favorite foods.  They are perfect to snack on, for breakfast or a sweet treat.
        - Pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and bananas oh MY!!!

-Water: I live on water

-Tomatoes: Yes, once again my favorite fruit/vegetable.  I don’t like salad so this is what I order out

-Brown Rice Pasta has become the new pasta in my panty.  I eat plenty of gluten but figured I mine as well cut it out a bit.  If you haven’t ever tried it, I would recommend it.  It may taste a little gummy at first or different, but I love it and haven’t turned back to regular or whole wheat pasta since.

-Purple Potatoes:  These are my favorite.  I add red pepper flakes, garlic powder, Cajun seasoning and olive oil and make little fries.  They taste fabulous with sweet chili sauce!

Fish:  I don’t eat much meat so this is a staple for my protein.  My favorite that  I regularly get are shrimp, tilapia, salmon and tuna steak!! Yummy in my tummy!

What is on your staple list?  Any ideas on what I can incorporate into my diet?  

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Rules of lifting for Women

I saw a few bloggers post about this workout, Meghann and Rachel regularly.  I have been following their blogs and LOVE reading them!  You should check them out!

They have both posted pictures along with their results and have seen results!!  I love seeing results, so I figured I should buy the book, read it, and start it!

That is exactly what I intent to do.  I am currently reading the book but boy is it dry.  Skimming is more like what I am doing.

I look forward to getting my roommate take my before pictures and help me measure myself.  I plan to start this workout this week with TRI training, yea I signed up for one of those things.

My question is:  did you use the meal plan with this?  Just the workout? 

Did you manage to get through the whole book??

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Calling all women!!

Today I am doing laundry and cleaning.  My first load of laundry is my workout clothes because I am bra-less!!

My excuse for not working out is that I do not have a clean bra.  Pretty pathetic, I think so.

I am in desperate need of a good sports bra.  I have a "larger" chest and need one for high impact.  So far this Moving Comfort Rebound Racer is the only one I like.  The other Moving comforts chafe my back.

I have it in grey


What are you go to bra's?  How many do you own?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog Love: The Leibster Award

Recently, Tori over at In Love and Peanut Butter gave me a Leibster Award!! Thank, Tori :)

I was honored and surprised because 1. someone reads my blog and  because Tori is a rock star!!! She just complete her first Ultra and is now training for a 70.3. Go check her amazingness out.  I secretly stalk her 
Here’s the skinny on the Leibster Award:
This award is given by bloggers to other new bloggers, to help spread the word about their blogs and to help them gain more recognition.
The Liebster Award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting:
  1. Choose 5 up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award the Liebster to.
  2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  3. Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blog so they know about the award.
  4. Share 5 random facts about yourself that people don’t know about you.
After looking into this award I’m still not sure how to determine if I blog has 200 followers or not. I decided to make my list of new-ish blogs like mine. Narrowing it down wasn’t easy since I’m totally sucked into so many awesome blogs, but here they are, in no particular order.  (Words from Tori but they fit perfectly)

1. John over at fat slow triathlete.  I met John when he was training for Disney Wine and Dine and I was training for Savannah RNR Marathon.  He is currently training for a 70.3.  He is inspiring and has come such a long way from his first training with Team in Training while training for St. Anthony's.   
2.  Rachel over at Runners Tales is inspiring.  I have never met her but have just found her through twitter and started reading her blog.  She is currently training for Irongirl Clearwater with a crazy schedule and also doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women (which i just purchased and ready to try). 
P.S. I will be volunteering the Irongirl Half
3. Megan over at Little Girl in the Big World is a blogger who talks about living in the "grown up world". I met Meghan in grad school but weren't really friends.  I found her on FB or somewhere after she ran her first Half Marathon.  She is currently getting into Wedding body mode and you should check her great inspiring work!
4. Morgan over at Caution: Redhead running is so inspiring.  I know she has more followers than 200, but I think it is important to go over and read her story on her injury.  She was been without running for 9 months and finally has the clear to start training again.  I read her story because I haven't ran since December so I know what she is going through!!
5.Maggie over at Mags Rags to Riches is the place to be for all the fashion advice!  She is one of my sorority sisters who I have unfortunately lost touch with but her site is great!!! She has such a sense of fashion I am very jealous of!  

As for 5 random facts about me, here they are:

1.  Sometimes I think I have a really good voice and am spot on but then people such as my roommate or sister tell me otherwise.  (I am tone deaf and thats how I get my students to be quiet),

2. I want to do a half iroman but am scared of the skinny tires on bikes and scared of the Ocean,

3. My favorite foods are shrimp, green peas, pasta, cookies and creme ice cream, and pineapples,

4. My favorite movie of all time is Grease.  I know every line in that movie,

5. I've donated my hairs twice for Locks of love and am growing it out again to do it again:)

6. This is added just for fun, I suck at adding pictures to my writing.

Do you have a new-ish blog like mine? Link your address below! 

Chocolate again?

So, if you haven't read, I have given up chocolate because I am insanely addicted to it.  Once I start I just cannot stop!!  You can read that post here.  After some long, hard deliberation I decided I may go back to eating "healthy" (haha, that's a lie) chocolate.

What the real deal is, is I have this amazing protein powder sitting on my counter in chocolate flavor just taking up space.
One of my friends sells this amazing product and boy is it expensive and yummy!! So, instead of letting it go to waste, I am going to finish this up and then re-evaluate my chocolate addiction.

Are you addicted to any food/drinks?  How do you curb your need/want for them?

P.S. I love CherryBerry frozen yogurt and want some great toppings!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Go For the Goal: April

Umm..Is it really April?  Where has the time gone?  

I saw that some people and my some, I mean A LOT, of people post monthly goals so I figured maybe I will do the same.  Since it is already the second week of April I am not sure how to the bone they are going to be accomplished.  I am posting these to keep myself accountable.  Feel free to check in on me and ask me how they are coming along.  

Goal 1:  Save Money
I had a goal in mind.  I was going to immediately put $400.00 aside and not touch it until I bought a road bike.  Then life happened and plenty of doctors and student loans need to be paid.  As it is still the beginning of April I am going to try and save $300.00.  I have never actually tried to save money before.  HIDE THE CREDIT CARDS, too bad I know my numbers by heart

2. Loose Weight
I have been sick too much this month already but I would like to loose three pounds this month.  That doesn't really sound too bad.  That would man I need to be 131.8 by the end of the month according to my weight this morning.  That is changing every day though.  And now I have just declared my weight to all my "stalkers".  My goal weight it 122 :)

3.Do my Hair 1x a week
Now that my hair is getting longer and I am lazy, I shower and throw my hair into a braid for the next day.  My goal is to do it at least once a week.  By "do" I only mean blow dry it so I can leave it down.  This should be the easiest of all my goals

4. Train
I keep forgetting that I have signed my Ass up for a triathlon for June.  I do not have a bike, cannot swim more than 25 meters with out stopping and haven't ran more than two miles in 4 months.  That my my goal.  Spin class at least 1x a week until I get a bike, 3.1 mile run at least 1x a week and a 225 swim at last 1x a week...

I think these goals are VERY attainable.  I will let you all know how I do with them.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Found where my money goes

I have been wanting to head down to the new lululemon store in Hyde Park Village but I have never had time and had no know where the store was.  Today after almost dying at orangetheoryfitness I figured I would relax as I am still getting over my cough.  

There were a few things I wanted when I went to the store.


I saw this and NEEDED it but have no idea what side I would be so I decided it would be best to go into the store and try it on.  Unfortunately for my chest, they did not have it.  For my wallet, that is another story.  My wallet was happy.  This bra would be perfect because one of my goals is to be able to run in just a bra.  

2. The next thing were these shorts.

  I saw a review someone did on them and they looked great.  I love that their shorts have a little plastic thing in them so they do not ride.  I tried them on, too small on me and I did not NEED these.  I was good and said NO!!

3. Lastly I tried these on..

This skirt I actually purchased against my better judgement.  I purchased it in a light bluish color that sort of matches my sneakers come to think about it.  It was so cute so I guess this will be my next race day outfit.  

I can't wait to get out and run with it!!

So, back to where my money goes...Into running "things".

Friday, April 6, 2012

Show me the Money

I have been thinking about goals these past few days because I seriously need to set some.  One goal I have is to save money.  Sometimes I wonder where is all goes?

What do you spend your money on?

I am not the "girly" type when it comes to hair, nails, and makeup so I know my money does not go there.  I am ashamed to say this but I have not gotten a hair cut since last May when I donated it for locks of love. If you ever see me in make up, that is for sure an odd occasion.  The reason for that being 1. I am allergic to everything and am always scratching my eyes out, 2. I am lazy, 3. Aren't I just beautiful with out it?
Nails, I do not get pedicures because I have "runners feet" and if they think they are going to take away my hard earned calluses they are WRONG!  Nail polish does not stay on my hands so that is out.  I have just learned about this Gel polish which I may be obsessed with.  Although, I am pretty sure it ruins your nails when they scrape it off.  It hurts!! Does anyone know if it ruins my nails?  So with that recent find, I have gotten my nails done twice in the last year.

So, my favorite stores are....
-Publix:  I can spend hours in there just looking around.  I can be in there every day.  This is my happy place
-Target:  How can anyone not like this place, especially if it is a super target.  I have just found out where all my money goes.

If I open my closet, I can easily see where much of my money is or so I think.  But many of the items in there are older or hand me downs.

What do you like to spend your money on?
How much do you put away a month?
What is the easiest way for you to save?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Last week, I signed up for the newest rundisney event.  The Tower of Terror 10 miler is a nighttime race that takes place the weekend of September 28-29, 2012.  We finish in Hollywood Studios which is one of my favorite parks. 

 Here is what the website says 
"The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ 10-Miler is a nighttime road race that will end in the shadows of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Your run into the fifth dimension will also take you to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex before returning to Disney's Hollywood Studios where the course will feature the Lights, Motors, Action™ Extreme Stunt Show, then turn down New York Street, wind past the Sorcerer's Hat and return you to an unforgettable finish at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™."

I plan to use this is a training run for my upcoming marathon in November.  Disney always puts on great races so I am very excited for this race!  

Now if I only looked like that