Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Course maps! Rock N Roll St. Pete

Course maps make me to excited.  It means that a race is really happening.
I like to envision the course and this is a course I have actually ran some of it.

You can find the course map to Rock N Roll St. Pete right here!

I would post the actual picture, but I do not know how to print screen or save it on a Mac.

Tech savvy people, please come to my rescue!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Where do you write your training schedule down?

I started looking at training plans after another runner, Mary had a blog about finding the right training plans.

I have looked at a bunch and haven't really decided on one.  I printed some out and gasp over how fast I am supposed to run..

That reminds me I need to get my butt in gear.

My question for all my loyal readers (myself) is..

Where do you write your training schedule down?
Where do you post it?
Where do you keep it?
How do you stay organized and on task/track?

Thanks guys

Monday, November 14, 2011

Worst Blogger Award

I am the worst blogger ever!!
I have been out of town every weekend and can't seem to catch up!
I really need to work on this.. Now if I was only to get to this site at work..hmm

So let me apologize for my late/ non existent posts!

How do you get your posts done?

Marathon Recap II- The day before the Race!

Ok. So I do not even remember where I left off, but I am pretty sure I left of on Thursday before the race.

I am going to write about the Friday then you can have the actual race recap.. Or what I can remember as I have blocked most of it out.

Dana and I woke up Friday.  I went to get some free breakfast from the hotel.  I did not like what they had so we showered and got ready to hit the road on our way to the Race Weekend hotel where all the Team in Training participants stayed.  We stayed at the Marriot Riverfront.  We check in, looked at our hotel, put some stuff away and got on our way to begin looking at the city.

Before I get any further, let me please rant about our hotel.

It was right on the water and right at the start line.  That was about the only thing I liked about that hotel.  As I begin my rant, please remember that this hotel was packed with TNT participants.  We had a room that overlooked the atrium.  There was a pool in the middle and we shared a balcony with a suite.  Ok. That isn't too bad we thought.  Oh we were wrong.  They need to have soundproof glass doors because we were above the bar and we heard everything going on.  Next door was a suite, with a bunch on people.  They were not quiet.  And thinking that it was a race weekend, don't you think they would go to bed early? or not wake up the morning after the race anytime after 6:30? NOPE!  It was horrendous!  We did not sleep all weekend, we were exhausted.. yes. I will stop there for my hotel rant.  I am a sleeper, I need my sleep but I have to have perfect sleeping conditions.

Ok. so we checked in and then bought tickets for the trolley around town.  That was a waste of money as the whole city is waling distance and they were cheaper everywhere else.  I learned my lesson.  But I do guess it was nice to see this by Trolley on day one instead of walking around.  We got off the Trolley where we can go shopping.  It was so cold and windy and there was no sun.  We stopped to buy Dana a hat.  We found a bar for food, Shipwrecked.  The food was good.  Nothing too special but we were hungry and cold.  We then searched for a candy store. We stumbled upon a cake shop and shared a cupcake.  We went back on the Trolley to finish the tour after we ate our way around Savannah.  By this time, the traffic was starting to pick up and it took us way to long to get back to the hotel.  I then got ready for the Inspiration dinner.

The inspiration dinner is always Inspirational.  Make sure you attend one if you can:)

We ate, talked and were inspired by speakers, patients, and survivors.  I do not really know what to say but WOW :)

We took pictures and it was final preparations for race day and it was off to bed.  Yes, I slept:)

Again, I am a sleeper and was not really nervous for the race.  I knew no matter how long it took me, I WAS FINISHING:)

Apparently my pictures of the Trolley and Savannah are somewhere else..WOOPS.. I will post more soon :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marathon weekend..Leading up to race day

Yes, I know.  This is the post ya'll have been waiting for.  See my use of "Ya'll".  I have become a little more southern after visiting the beautiful Savannah, GA.  

Where to begin?

Wednesday night I picked my amazing cousin up from the airport.  She came with me to keep me sane, feed me candy and make me laugh.  All things we do best.  That evening I picked out a dress to wear to her brother, my cousin Justin's wedding.  She is a savior for bringing me clothes that are to small on her.  She is another story on her workout frenzy.  Another inspiring athlete.  Eventually after some talking we went to bed, or tried to at least.  I am not a good sleeper, so sleeping in the same bed as someone is not my strong suit.  It took us a while to get to bed and once we did, we did not sleep very well.

Thursday morning we were up pretty early and we hit the road.  After getting coffee and gas we were on the road at about 10:00 am with an estimated arrival time of 4..Without stopping:)
By 12 we were hungry!!! so we stopped in Hawthorne, Florida at a lovely place which was filled with Jesus love and Cows.  As we were leaving, Dana managed to meet an older man who offered to cut her hair.   Please see below.

*Fun Fact* Playing with your hair means you are horny... Who would have though.

Example One

Example Two.

After we got back on the road we stopped about two hours later for another bathroom break and of course a Publix break.  What road trip would be complete without a trip to Publix?  Yup.. I do not know.
We bought plenty of candy, used the restrooms, and purchased a banana or two. 

Off to Savannah we went.. 
We decided our best plan was to head to packet pick up first.  We did.  It was a good choice.  We picked up our stuff and this is where the real photo shoot began.  Most pictures are on my cousins camera.  We got my number, tshirt and goody bag.  We went by the official race gear because I was on a budget and headed toward the real goodies.  Free samples, other race registrations and fun nick knacks.  There was one race I wanted to sign up for.  I held off till after my run to make sure I did not injure myself.  I will share that race with ya'll once I sign up for it.  It may be a little goofy of me to even think about it.  I left there full but purchased nada, nothing, zilch.  This was very disappointing as I wanted new sneakers, compression sleeves. running shirts with funny sayings.  The items I wanted were endless.  We finally came to the end and decided it was time to go check into hotel #1.  We did so.  Met up with Nicole and her mom.  You may remember Nicole.  She is who I dragged into Team in training with me this season.

At the hotel, I ate cookies, rested and then it was time for dinner.  At this time, Dana and I were exhausted so we decided to fins another Publix to get subs, Tea and candy for dinner.  Classic.  We were in bed by 10.  Good night World

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Inspiration

I found this video on a friends facebook.

I decided to take a look

I cried

I am inspired

I hope you are too..Enjoy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calling all stalkers

First off, the name of this post came from the all inspiring KC!

It is that time!!  I have been counting down this day since May.  I start my journey to Savannah, GA tomorrow.  It is marathon time!!

I am going to keep this post very short as I have a list of things I must accomplish before I pick my cousin up at the airport in 2 hours.

If you would like to track me.. or stalk..or love on me.. Please visit the following link to get all of my updates.  This will also provide entertainment as I get slower through the race.

This will also be able to tell you if I actually make it to the finish line or I pass out before hand.  ( I WILL NOT!!)

The race does not begin until 7:30 but I am in the 19th corral which means I am not really starting till around 8:30.. and me being up since 5..this will be interesting!!! That also means I will be missing lunch!!!! in anticipation of finishing around 2:30

Follow this link to stalk away!!
I am bib # 19063