Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BodyGlide Warmfx product review

A few weeks back, I saw on Twitter Bodyglide was looking for bloggers to review their product.  I jumped on that opportunity because I LOVE me some glide!  I joke with my friends about it how we not only use it for running but also when we go out and have dresses on.  (sorry, I am not tiny and my legs to rub together).  The regular body glide is amazing for chaffing!

Their newest product, is the BODYGLIDE Warm FX anti-pain.  While looking at their website, I was amazed at the products they had.  I didn't realize all that they had.  According to the Bodyglide website the Warm FX Anti-Pain balm :

"comparatively high level of active ingredients, helps jump start warm-ups before activity, and is used anytime for temporary relief of minor pain and soreness of muscles& joints.

The warming effect is focused on the balm and stays where you apply it, its invisible, won't clog pores or trap perspiration, and it washed off with mild soup and water."

What I love about this product is that since it is in a deodorant type dispenser, it had no need to get on my hands like icy-hot or a cream.  There was no worry about getting it on my hands then touching my face, or getting in on my sheets, etc.  I have not tried this product before a long run, only a short one and didn't notice anything different to be honest.  I used this product as an after the fact, "Oh, my body hurts" pain medicine.  I would rub it on my legs or my knees and go on with my day.  I did notice they hurt less.  I am looking forward to trying this product again tomorrow, this time, before my long run!!

This is a product I would totally recommend getting this product and when I use it more, I will let you know more thoughts!  I just am not sure I am that far into my training that my body hurts that much, which is good for me:) 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Tri?

So, as you know, I guess I can call myself a "triathlete" since I did one!  You can read all about that one here

I may have caught the tri bug as I caught the running bug.

As torturous as the tri was, as soon as I got into my car, I wantedto text Patrick and Tori and Jen and John telling them they may have gotten me hooked.  I like the challenge.  I like to go bigger and better than the last.

This is what I have been thinking about and as I almost signed up for Top Gun at Ft. Desoto, the $$$$$ it costs to do them just sounds silly right now as I am attempting to save.

If I still have this bug after vacation, and it is still open for registration...I may do it :)

I will let you know!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Social:3 Music

Social Sunday Week 3

Back again with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social!

I am really enjoying getting to know other bloggers by these link ups!

Last week's social was about movies and I thought that was difficult, I think this may be more difficult...Songs/music.

If you know me, you know I am...1)tone deaf 2) Can't ever get the lyrics correct 3) Would rather read than listen to music to watch t.v 4) This is going to be very difficult

What is your all-time favorite song?
I think my all-time favorite song may be meatloaf's paradise by the dashboard light.  For some reason, I can never get enough of it, maybe it is something Tom Petty or *Nsync..woops

What is your favorite singer/band?
Flo Rida..Yes, I said it!!! He is my absolute favorite:)

What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?
Any country song really..I need some help on this one actually!! Leave me comments with what yours is and I will look it up :)

What songs put you in a good mood?
Low by Flo, yes, him and I are on a first name basis

What is your favorite road-trip music?
Let's go back to my teenage years for this one..*Nsync, Backstreet boys, anything pop and fun

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
I am not embarrassed to admit anything really, that is what makes me; me:)
O.K, so maybe some one direction that I have learned from my students.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I am triathlete!

First off, I am officially a Triathlete!!!  This has been a goal of mine for over a year now and I finally had the time to complete one.  

The Tampa Bay Women's Triathlon at Westchase was right up my ally!  The swim was in a pool :)  I am scared of the ocean for now, I hate the sticky feeling and seaweed, 

This event was a great event!  Everything was well organized and everyone was able to answer all of my questions.  This was my first one so remember, I had a lot of questions, such as, "Do I need a swim cap?", the answer was no! Yay, one less thing to worry about.  The volunteers were great and all things ran smoothly, from a participants perspective.

Luckily, I am off on Fridays and was able to head to pick up my race packet and briefing early in the morning.  I picked everything up for my packet and went into the briefing.  I walked in a few minutes later and there were no seats so I happily sat on the floor attempting to pay attention.  My attention span, not so good when I am hungry.  I did get many questions answers but I was still a little uncertain because of nerves and anxiety. (All I really wanted to do was finish).

I met up with Meghan for lunch at the Hungry Greek, it was delicious and I may become a regular just like her.  She definitely calmed my nerves a bit, thank you :)  I went home, packed my "stuff" and was ready for race day after some Rock of Ages! (Yes, I liked it)

Saturday, my alarm was set for 4:30 to become a triathlete, I grabbed a granola bar and was on my way.  It wasn't crowded when I arrived, I checked in, got marked with my number's which apparently my market thought was "E's", I set up my bike and found Val and Michelle for some pre-tri talking.  This was all of our first races and we were excited, nervous and were just waiting to start!  I also saw Tori  ( and you can read her blog post about it also- She rocks and is training for Augusta 70.3.) and Patrick along with their friend Erika.  
Michelle, Me, Val

Erika, myself, Tori
Picture by Patrick 
Add caption
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The three of us were all in the last wave, wave 3 so it was very nice to have people to talk to.  Once waves 1 and 2 were out, it was just wave three left.  Let me just start off my saying I am not a quick runner, I take my time and that being said, I was the last one to start meaning, oh I will probably be the last one to finish, and I was A-OK with that.  Once we were off, we were rocking and rollin' a chatted with a few people along the course but was always last until the very end (woohoo).  I managed to finish the 5K in 32:45, but the course was just a bit short I heard as well as saw on my Garmin.  Either way, I would have maintained the same pave for another .25 of a mile so yay for kicking butt on the run.  It was a beautiful course and I am not in love with the Westchase area, this is where I may be looking for jobs in the future as it is so beautiful, I want to live there.  The course was through a neighborhood so there were a lot of turns, but there was NEVER any confusion of where to go.  The volunteers were AMAZING!!! Always cheering us on and pointing us in the right direction.  

Oh HI!! Im last and loving it :)

Next up was the dreaded bike, this was what I was most scared of honestly.  Luckily, the directors had to shorten the ride to 7.25 due to a water main break.  It was a loop that we had to go through twice and I had to go from sidewalk to street to sidewalk and under tunnels.  I was a mess the first loop trying to figure everything out.  People were passing me left and right and I was scared I was going to fall over into the street and grass and get stuck.  I had only been on the bike twice before this race, so turning was not in my vocabulary, and I had to learn quickly.  I think maybe 2 people were behind me at this point, that means I passed once person because I was almost last coming in from the run.  Go ME!!!  It took me 38:13 to get off that stupid bike and I couldn't be more excited.  My butt hurt and so did my legs!! After that, I took my sweet time to the swim.

Help, What am I doing?

Hi, I am still alive!

If you remember all the way from the beginning, I sad the swim was in pool, did I also mention this was a reverse so the swim was last?  I thought that would be a good thing.. Not so sure...After dismounting the bike and practically falling off of it because I do not know how to get off yet, I took my sweet time getting to the pool.  I had to practically disrobe my watch, belt, phone; did I even have it?  my helmet, and everything else I did not want in the pool.  On the way I did some stretching, talked to Michelle, hydrated and finally made myself to the pool "area".  It took me a while to get in the pool as I think it is necessary to talk to everyone, ask them questions, talk to the lady who is telling me to get in the pool so I can maybe..."finish".  Ok, so I am finally in the pool and I was off.  It was 8 back and forths in the pool, I had to go under the ropes which was a little annoying, but hey, I got to push of the wall a little, no complaints from me!  About half way through I was dying, I didn't know if I was going to make it!! Luckily, my friends were there cheering me on and didn't need to embarrass myself by having people come in and get me from drowning.  I finally made it out of the pool to the finish line and collected my new shiny medal; but boy was that rough.  I finished the swim in 5:52 (does that include from the bike to the pool which I thought I should talk to everyone or when i stepped in the pool and took my sweet time?)) I was very happy with that time though!!
Dancing to the finish I was just so happy to be done.

Are you sick of me talking yet?  I think that TRI was torture!  I unfortunately did not train and I learned my lesson, but I did it and that was all I wanted to do.  It was great to have Tori, Patrick, Val, Michelle, and Erin there cheering each other on!!

After a few picture, we made our way back to the car, I swore I wasn't going to do another one, but I sort of want to, especially with a swim first and see the difference.  

On the way to the cars, Tori mentioned I won a prize, I did!  I won a gift certificate to Outspkin in clearwater.  I guess I am going to have to make a trip there and get lots of supplies for the next one!

So Recap: 
This was a great event
Everyone was amazing
I would do this next year
I want to do another
I need to train

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Social

 FToday, I am linking up with Ashley and Neely for their Sunday Social.  It is their second week and I totally missed last week, but will be answering those questions soon.  This week I see the questions are about moves, and if you know me...I do not do movies so I will try my best to answer the questions :) 
Thanks girls for hosting the link up!

 Favorite movie of all time?

Best movie to watch for a girls night in?
Grease!  I am such a musical/broadway girl.  I can never get enough

Favorite movie quote? "No Day But Today"-Rent
Again with the musicals but I do think it brings such a positive message :)

Best movie to watch for a girls night in?
Bridesmaids? Any Nicholas Sparks movie?  The Sweetest Thing? o.k I can go on and on about this.. yes, I am just as surprised as you are.
Best breakup movie? No romantic love story, I can tell you that one.. This question I find very hard actually...

Favorite celeb eye candy? Robert Pattinson ( I love a little sparkle), yes, I am dating myself!  Channing Tatum!! 

Which movie stars closet would you want to raid? Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff.. Ok, I will stop now with my teeny bopperness!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I learned at the dentist

I just got home from the dentist

 I spent 5.5 hours in the chair

My mouth is still so numb

I can't eat or drink

I had 5 cavities

Have to get a crown

One cavity was the "worlds largest cavity"

My teeth are closer together than the average person

My jaw is really tight/Small

Dentists are expensive

I can only imagine how much pain I will be in after the novocain wears away

My face will probably bruise

They were so nice to get everything done in one visit and stay late :)

This is what sexy looks like halfway through dental work..delusional


Monday, June 11, 2012

National Running Day

Did you know National Running Day was June 6?  I found out just a few days before the day and was ready to get some miles in, so I thought.  For some reason, either being weather or being held up somewhere, I was unable to get my miles in.  

So instead, this is what I did:
The Sarasota Half Marathon was the perfect excuse.  It was on "sale" with a code for $45.00 and I did not have to pay processing because I am an Active Advantage member.  My parents are moving to Sarasota so hopefully I will crash with them as long as they are down here before the date.!

How did you celebrate National Running Day?

Friday, June 8, 2012

25 things about me

25 things about me!  Just incase you wanted to know more about me :)

1. My name starts with a G because I was named after my grandpa George.

2. My "Florida" friends call me G-Money

3. I've been skydiving in New Zealand

4. I hated Fiji

5. My favorite meal is shrimp, green peas, sweet potato and pineapple

6. I am such a teeny bopper and can listen to *Nsync and Backstreet boys all day

7. My first concert was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

8. I have a thyroid disorder (which you may know now after a previous post)

9. My favorite book is  Are you there God, it's me Margaret

10. I am scared to get older

11. I cry during every movie I see

12.  I only started running in 2009 

13. I was in the best sorority ever

14. I have never seen a scary movie

15. The scariest movie I have ever seen is Twister

16. I have a younger sister, you would never know by looks

17. My favorite color is pink, I love sparkles

18. My favorite movie is Grease

19. My favorite animals are Pandas and Koalas

20. I want to get marries outdoors

21. I used to figure skate and do gymnastics when I was younger, I was actually pretty good

22. I hate being called "Gen", luckily no one does

23. I'm a cancer

24. I have good veins

25.  This list was hard to come up with

Thursday, June 7, 2012

it's OK Thursday

Neely links up every week with an "It's OK".  I am going to try one of my own:)  Feel free to link up as well and add your link to the bottom.  I really need to learn how to blog :)

Happy Thursday everyone and..

It's Ok...

To eat frozen yogurt for dinner since I am having a fundraiser 

Not run in two weeks because you are completely exhausted

Be counting down the days till vacation

Not want to be in front of people in a bathing suit because you're a beast

Wish you had celiac because that would answer why you are having health issues

To know you have the best friends in the world

That I am going to cry like a blubbering baby when I leave work tomorrow because it will be my last day there

That students are sad to see me go :)

Summer Plans

I am very lucky to be in the position where I have a summer break!!!
Tomorrow is the last day of school for the students which means....Schools out for summer!!  My plans are very exact this year.


This year I plan to lay by the pool, train for my marathons, work summer camp, and find a job!!!

That is is!!!  These are the same plans I had last year :)

What are your plans this year?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marathon Training: A love/hate relationship

After being sidelined with an injury for way too long, I have finally been able to get out and get my sweat on!  Well, living in Florida, you walk outside and you get your sweat on...Just saying.

I certainly have a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with training for a Marathon.  I am currently training for my 2nd and 3rd marathon.  M2 with be ING NYC and 3 will be a 1/2 Full Combo being the Disney Goofy and a 1/2.  I will get into details on both races/runs at a later date.

I made a list of this I love and hate about the whole training process.  You also have to remember, I have not ran in 4 months before training began.

Hate...Finding new muscles
Hate...Sweating in the Florida Heat
Hate...Early wake up calls..sometimes as early as 3:30 am
Hate...Leaving as my roommate is coming home as I have found her on the stairs before
Love...a toned body
Love..knowing I could outrun anyone in distance
Hate...Ice Bathes
Love...Knowing I could kick anyone harder than most
Love...Eating whatever and not gain weight
Hate...New blisters and having the most sensitive feet ever
Love..A shiny new medal
Hate...Sweat in my eyes

What do you love/hate about training for a marathon?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thyroid Disorders...Here is my story

Morgan over at Redheadrunning asked if I was going to discuss what they are going to do about my overactive thyroid and I believe that is a great idea!  Thank you!  This is not something I even thought about discussing but it is something I live with daily and does not effect my everyday life, so to speak.

Here is my history to start you off with a background.

I was first diagnosed with Graves Disease when I was a freshman in high school.  This means my thyroid produces excessive hormones.  My parents just thought I was a moody teenager but fortunately there was more to that story.  Not only was I bitchy, but I wasn't getting my period or it was very irregular, I was always warm, exhausted and taking naps. imgres.jpg
Since the thyroid produces too much, it needs to be reduced.  I started with tapazole medicine, but after a while it is easier to treat it with radioactive iodine, or at least in my case.  I had to get my thyroid radioactive iodined twice because the first time did not "kill it".   Once it is killed, I was put on synthroid to add the thyroid hormones back into my body to regulate it.  It takes a while to adjust medicine to see exactly where your body should be at.  I have been at doses from 125 micrograms to currently 150 micrograms.
This is can be measured easily with a blood test, testing for TSH, thyroid stimulating Hormone.
For a while, my dosage was not changes, for years actually and just recently my doctor has to increase my dosage because my levels were not high enough.  When I found out my levels were low, everything made sense!!  I thought everything had to do with work and being back from Spring break.  I was exhausted, cold, and honestly, I do not remember what else.  My Doctor increased my meds and we were set to go.
Now, my levels are too high and we are trying to figure out a method to get myself back to "normal".  We are about to try alternating between the 137 and 150 microgram to level everything out.    I really hope this works because that is the last thing I need to worry about.  It is frustrating but luckily can be controlled with medicine, a tiny pill that I take every morning with water, an hour before I eat.

Have you had any "disorders"?  I now have low iron...This should be a fun journey...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Go for the Goal

As it is now June, I sit here wondering where May has gone.  This month has flown by!  As life should be getting a little easier as school is letting out next week I am very excited to get started on the following May goals!

Goal 1: Portfolio
I need to made a teaching portfolio when I go in for interviews this summer.  That is my goal this month because as of June 28, open hiring occurs in Hillsborough county.

Goal 2: Try new classes at the gym
With more time for ME, it gives me the opportunity to try classes I have always wanted to try.  This also includes crossfit which I have a groupon for,

Goal 3: Triathlon
I have a triathlon June 16 which I have done NO training for.  My goal is to decide if I want to do it still (I do) and enjoy myself and not kill myself on a bike in an open road.

Goal 4: Save Money
This is for real!  I am working a summer job so hopefully most of it will go towards saving or paying off student loans.  

Goal 5: Blog
I want to blog more regularly now that life should settle down.  let's decide on at least three posts per week.  I like that :)

Goal 6:  Not obsess over my weight
I went to the doctor about a bunch of issues I have been having and my thyroid levels are high and my iron is low.  I have more tests to do so until we know what is going on, no obsessing.  Since elevated TSH means faster metabolism, most people loose weight, I do not.  This has always been an issue.  I balloon up because it also makes you hungrier.

Good luck to all who have made June goals!
Share your with me as well!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

May Goals Recap

Here you can find the goals I made for May.  May certainly flew by as I was consumed with work this month and going through way too many emotions with it.  I finally have a free minute or two to go through my May goals and recap on them!
Thanks for sticking with me guys:)

Goal 1: Get a haircut
Success!!!! It was so nice to get a haircut.  Goodbye dead ends and soft hair!  This makes it so much easier to want to do my hair when it is so soft!

Goal 2: RUn 6 miles
Check!! It was not a full run, but a run walk of 7.5 which I will take.  Marathon training began and I am all over that (after this crazy week).

Goal 3: Loose Weight
Epic Fail!! This afternoon I received the results of my blood test and my thyroid is overactive.  Most people would loose weight because their metabolism is faster but I am known to gain weight because you are also hungrier.  Now that we are trying to work out meds, this should and WILL change!

Goal 4: Tone it up
Not at all :( But I have drank the drinks they recommend

Goal 5: Veganesque
This is simply not for me.  I am so picky that it simply was not possible.  I do plan to incorporate a more vegetarian diet though and try to cut out dairy which I do not normally eat anyway.  

Goal 6: Resume

I am happy with the goals I completed this month.  Now to come up with my goals for next month!!

How did you do on your May goals?  What do you have planned for June?

Sorry! Blog Break

First off I want to apologize to all my loyal readers, friends, fans, and of course, my stalkers for taking a mini break.

As much as I did not want to take a break from blogging, work comes first and that is where my mind has been the last few weeks.  As a teacher, we have many commitments to attend to and this week it was all Award ceremony stuff as I had 2 14+ hour days and am completely wipes out.  I am in the middle of packing up my classroom and life should get a little easier as next week are my students final exam week!

I am certainly on a countdown till 2:15 on Friday!

Thank you for all being patient with me as I have no many things I want to blog about!!!

XoXo and Happy Running