Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blueberries and wine, oh my!


A couple of weeks ago I was able to enjoy a wine tasting at the Keel and Curley Winery over in Plant City.  I was given the opportunity through the Tampa Bay Bloggers.  

I actually just started liking blueberries this past year so i was excited to see what they can do with wine.  

The weather was absolutely beautiful as we made our way to Plant City.  We were able to snap a few pictures before our tour started.  

Our tour guy, Sam,  took us on a ride to the back of the farm where they do all of the making of the actual wine.  I have never been in one of these plants before but it was so fascinating!  They grow and pick all their berries.  Sam was knowledgeable about all of the product and the production.  I wish I would have taken out my inner student like Caitlyn and took notes.  I was just so amazed with everything.  

Keel and Curley is the only estate winery where they pick and make all their wine on site.  

Fun coasters inside at the store!

Acres and acres of blueberries

Yes, I have an obsession with tiolets

Inside the brewery

Where there is lots and lots of wine


They brew beer

There are four major steps in the wine making process: fermentation, clarification, filtering, & bottling; and the process does not take too much time! One week to ferment, four weeks to clarify, then on the shelf by week six after bottling!-Caitlyn

Kat, Caitlyn, mesylf

Once it was time to taste, we were even happier!  My favorite were the Semi-Dry Blueberry and the Wine Makers!  I already have the strawberry wine at home.  I was convinced to get some on a recent trip to Publix.

My beautiful Tampa Bay Blogger Friends
Being the goofy ones!

As I know I didn't inundate you with facts, I wanted to express what a great time I had.  In the back there is an open area with coverings for bands to play and places to dance.  I loved seeing all the friends gather, whether it was girls night or a birthday party.  You are able to bring food in buy a bottle of win e and have great evening!  This is something I would love to do for my birthday.

I would recommend going to their blueberry festival this upcoming weekend.

There is also a living social deal you can find online!

Happy Wine Drinking!

*Disclaimer* I was given a free wine tasting and tour for helping to promote their blueberry festival.  All opinions are my own*

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!! Yes, it's that time again, my favorite day of the week!  This week has gone surprisingly well.  I managed to muster up the courage to get my rear end on my bike trainer, run 4 miles, see Jillian Michaels (my hero), and survive a pop in at work.  With that being said, I am really excited for a relaxing weekend filled with grading, happy hours, a bridal shower, running, and hopefuly some sleeping in.

And now to cut it short..onto my favorite part of Fridays..

Friday Letters :)

Dear Friday, Yay!  I think it is official everyone knows you are my favorite day of the week!  I look forward to you every day starting Sunday!

 Dear Iron Girl, I may have only done the 5k because of my wonky ankle, but you killed me!  Damn you bridges!!  I have run on bridges before but you tired me out, and you tired me out fast.  I am happy I stuck with the 5k and not the half marathon because that would not have been pretty!  Your official face photos, not very cute at all.  Christa and I will be working on that before the NYC Marathon! 

Dear Keel and Curley WInery, Thank you so much for having us taste your delicious wines last week!  You were so good and I have dreams about you!  The blueberru festival is next week and I think you shoudl check it out if you are in the area!  I will definatly post more on that soon!  We all had such a good time and it is a great date event!

  Dear Datz Dough, I want a donut..Just sayin'. 

 Dear Sugar Detox, I truly didn't feel a difference as I cut out sugar and all processed food.  I didn't have more energy, my face didn't clear up, I didn't loose any weight, but yesterday at dinner, I immediatly got a stomach ache after gorging my face at Ceviche's.  I am now a believer!  I know that my stomach can't handle all that, and plan to incorporate this style of eating regularly, but I will allow myself some treats, I do love my chocolate :)

Dear Jillian, Thanks for coming to Tampa, It was so great to see the girls! And of course, hear you speak!  I want to be you when I grow up!

 Dear Roomie, I am so sad our lease is ending soon!! I love you! I am going to miss our summers at the pool, eating chinese food and oreos, and finishing the night searing for Simple Life in the rain!

How does your weekend look?  Are you ever excited for a free weekend that all you want to do is lay in bed?

Any races coming up for you, which ones?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Iron Girl 2013

I cannot believe my last long distance race of the season is less than a week away!  If you have been reading my last few posts, you would see that I am doing Iron Girl Clearwater next Sunday, April 14, 2013.   I originally wasn't going to do this race and was going to have Sarasota Half be my last race but I really wanted to set a new PR since the time I wanted for Sarasota I reached in November.  The Tampa Bay Bloggers were contacted to take part of this women's only event, and I am very excited to do so.  In addition to the half marathon distance, they also have a 5k.  After being contacted by Iron Girl, I knew this wasn't an opportunity to let slip on by.  Iron Girl's mission is "to empower women toward a healthy lifestyle".

I hired Mary back in February to get my to my goal time, I happened to reach that goal a little quicker than expected.  My goal was a 2:15, and wasn't even sure that was possible because of the new course which includes 2 bridges, ran twice each.  In Sarasota, I ran a 2:12:11 with two bridges.  Shortly after Sarasota, my ankles started to bother me, tendinitis.  I have been taking some time to relax and let them heel.  I am not sure the half marathon distance is in the cards or if I should stick to the 5k.  I went out for a short 3 miler and the pain isn't there that much when I run, (yes), but there afterwards.  I certainly do not want it to get worse, but this is also my last run.  The runs feel hard in terms of pace.  Where has my "speed" gone, but I guess that happens when you don't run.   My goal this week is to try and get some runs in to help my legs learn the meaning of running.  I am not sure how that will happen, I have an interview, and two doctors appointments on different days.  Either way, I am looking forward to seeing some great ladies out there.

I love women only races (yes, I love the sight of in shape men with their shirt off running), but the camaraderie of women is great!  Will I see you there?

Which medal will you earn?

I have actually done the Iron Girl Half Marathon the first year they had the half.  I must say, it was one of the hardest halves.  I was not training because I was interning.  All I remember is that I couldn't imagine ever doing another half again if this was my first race.  Right now, besides my leg, I am in the best running shape I have ever been.  I am hoping the heat stays away (it is going to be 80) and the wind is at our back.  I hope my ankles cooperate and have a fabulous race.  Christa and I will run together, but I hope she breaks my PR!!  

Have you done an all women's race?  
What are your tips for running the bridges without training too much on them?

**I was given free entry for this race, all opinions are my own**

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Letters

Happy Favorite day of the week, FRIDAY!! This week seemed to move very quickly and I surely cannot complain!  Last week was a four day work week and it seemed to drag.  i am really excited for this weekend because I have a lot of fun things planned but also feel as if it will be nice and relaxing.  This weekend I plan to get on a great run (as long as the ankle holds up), a wine tasting with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, and head to Parksedale Farms food truck rally.  I am also looking forward to naptime and seeing friends!

And now, for my favorite park of the week....

Friday letters

Dear Friday, I am so happy to see you!  You are one of my favorite days of the week! Thanks for showing up.  Dear Computer, You are being brought in today to Apple to hopefully be fixed.  One of the reasons for my lack of blogging is that my computer doesn't like to connect to the internet in my apartment,  I hope Apple can fix it!  Dear Ankle, I hope you can hold up for my schedule 12 mile run!  I am looking forward to seeing some Team in Trianing Alumni this weekend.  Dear Pasover, You killed me this year.  It normally isn't too hard to keep kosher for passover but this year it was hard.  Hmm. Dear Sugar Detox, I am totally going to start you next week!  Laura is putting this on and I am ready to get back to being healthy!  This is going to be hard and I know it!  Dear Irongirl Half Marathon, I am ready for you!  Well, almost.  I don't plan to PR you after the last three weeks off, but ready to tackle you!  I will have a post all about that as soon as my computer is back up and running.

What are your weekend plans?
Have you ever detoxed before?  What were your thoughts, do you have any hints for me?
When you change your eating habits?  Do you just trash everything you do not want?  Donate it? 
Now  how do you say "NO" when everything is always so tempting?  How do you deal with people around you who aren't on the same page?

Thank you for all the advice! and Hope you have a great weekend!~