Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Letters

Happy Favorite day of the week, FRIDAY!! This week seemed to move very quickly and I surely cannot complain!  Last week was a four day work week and it seemed to drag.  i am really excited for this weekend because I have a lot of fun things planned but also feel as if it will be nice and relaxing.  This weekend I plan to get on a great run (as long as the ankle holds up), a wine tasting with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, and head to Parksedale Farms food truck rally.  I am also looking forward to naptime and seeing friends!

And now, for my favorite park of the week....

Friday letters

Dear Friday, I am so happy to see you!  You are one of my favorite days of the week! Thanks for showing up.  Dear Computer, You are being brought in today to Apple to hopefully be fixed.  One of the reasons for my lack of blogging is that my computer doesn't like to connect to the internet in my apartment,  I hope Apple can fix it!  Dear Ankle, I hope you can hold up for my schedule 12 mile run!  I am looking forward to seeing some Team in Trianing Alumni this weekend.  Dear Pasover, You killed me this year.  It normally isn't too hard to keep kosher for passover but this year it was hard.  Hmm. Dear Sugar Detox, I am totally going to start you next week!  Laura is putting this on and I am ready to get back to being healthy!  This is going to be hard and I know it!  Dear Irongirl Half Marathon, I am ready for you!  Well, almost.  I don't plan to PR you after the last three weeks off, but ready to tackle you!  I will have a post all about that as soon as my computer is back up and running.

What are your weekend plans?
Have you ever detoxed before?  What were your thoughts, do you have any hints for me?
When you change your eating habits?  Do you just trash everything you do not want?  Donate it? 
Now  how do you say "NO" when everything is always so tempting?  How do you deal with people around you who aren't on the same page?

Thank you for all the advice! and Hope you have a great weekend!~


  1. As far as the sugar detox, the first two days are definitely the hardest. By the third it's still hard but not as hard, and this morning I got up and ate oatmeal with half a banana sliced up and almonds chopped up in it, and it was delicious! I tried to eat oatmeal with no sugar on Tuesday and could only finish half. Today I ate it all and wished there was more! I think it's just continuing to say no even when it's hard. And I think it's just making up your mind that you're not going to eat it. I have Easter candy sitting all around my house and Tim doesn't do it, so I just had to make up my mind that I wouldn't eat the candy and wouldn't be bothered with someone else drinking soda and eating sugar or processed foods around me.

  2. The Apple issue you are having is most likely due to the security settings on your router at home Genna. If you have it set to the default, which I am betting you do, a Mac doesn't like it. You need to change it to the more secure WEP setting (your cable provider can help you do that). I had the same issue with Mac and iPad. Once I chnaged it over it conencted immediatley.

    As far as detox, I can help with that, if you're willing to listen :-)

  3. ohhh sugar detox - just not ready for that quite yet. haha! I don't eat too much, but greek yogurt is my biggest culprit.

    Work is so hard for me because I work with mostly men and they always give me crap about not indulging on the never ending parade of treats that people bring in. I just ignore that, and they understand that I try to keep myself going for all the running/racing - which I make them fully aware of.;)

    See you this weekend at Parksdale!


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