Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Letters: It's Winter break!

Happy Friday!! It is winter break, well almost! At 3pm it will be winter break! Surprisingly, my kids have been pretty well behaved this week so I am counting that as an early holiday gift. I am really looking forward to winter break because I normally have time to rest and relax. Because I do not celebrate Christmas I am not required to be anywhere special, but that changed this year as there is another family in the picture which I am so excited to join! I also have family coming into town for two days and I am so excited to see them since I didn't get to see them when I was in New York last weekend. What are your Christmas plans like? Mine normally consist of a good movie and Chinese food! Yum Yum :) Dear Friday, Thanks for showing up in your good ole fashion. I hope the next two weeks go by slowly though. On December 20, 1773 the Boston Tea Party occured so that is what we are celebrating today! Dear Bike, You hurt and I am nervous for our future meetings. Thankfully Meghan came to ride with me and she showed me lots of stuff, like what the different gears are. Also, apparently I was riding on flat tires because I thought my airpump was malfuntioning, it was only user error! she stayed nice and slow for me and I hurt after only 12 miles, and I don't mean just my legs. I am excited to get on my bike more often and learn how to ride better! Dear Behnieeee, I am excited and overwhelmed for this weekend of planning our future out. We are looking at a wedding venue and at a house that we can hopefully live in. Lot's of big things are happening for us! And you get to spend the rest of your life with me, feel special :) Dear Triathlon I signed up for, I am excited for you! I am findraising for the Leukemia and Lymohoma society. I am doing it for a very special friend of mine, Megan! I hope if you have a few extra dollars lying around, or still in search of a gift for someone, maybe you can make a donation to my page! That is all for now, I am going to keep them nice ans short so you can enjoy time with your family and friends! What are you looking most forward to this holiday season? Me, rest! and exercising What is your favorite holiday movie? The Santa Clause series!

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