Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

This I am currently at this old gym on a bike that probably won't give me half the effect as riding my bike outside bit it what I had to resort to since it decided to storm today.  I know I should not and will not complain ( too much) because the north is getting bombarded with snow and we are having a thunderstorm.  I am upset because I was getting outside on the bike this afternoon before I was heading to a birthday dinner.

my goal I guess for this ride is to keep my RPMs high to mimic what it is supposed to feel like.  sorry if my legs are really hairy in that picture.  I didn't expect to be in public.

Also, my moo motion tri shorts make me have a teenie weenie.  It is silly looking!  luckily they have excellent customer service:)

This is my new favorite picture of me running.  I think it really shows how much I enjoy running.  sometimes runs are ao much harder than others and it's remarkable what the weather conditions can do.  I ran the Best Damn Race half marathon in a little over 2:26 and boy was it hard! But it has been my fastest half since my PR in March. I am nowhere near where I would like to be speed wise but I have stated speed training again and am determined to get faster.  I know it takes time but I am not very patient.  That weekend we also celebrated Roris's bachelorette party and had such a great time! She had exactly what I want for mine so at least now I can steal her ideas!

How has your week been going?

Do you have any really unflattering clothing that you have? what is it and do you wear it?

and donate so I can participate in my first tri and so we don't have to hear those words, "cancer"

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