Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Goals for the NYC Half 2014

I can't believe I head to New York tomorrow and my last half marathon of the season in Sunday, just 4 days away!

The Weather

The weather forcast is something I am not used to: A low of 25 and a high of 43.. I am not sure if this is something I am supposed to be happy about or not.  My last race was 70 degrees and 100% humidity at the start.  I am looking forward to not sweating before I cross the start line.  I am nervous for how to dress.
I just packed mot of my stuff and I have pants, capris, short, Procompression socks, tank top, tshirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, gloves and a tiny hat.  I will be walking from my aunts Apartment on W 75th to W 59 to the entrance.  That is actually what I am most nervous about.  I am hoping the weather helps with making me a little faster.

I am excited about this run to be here and I am also excited for it to be done with.  I entered the lottery so long ago and wasn't accepted.  NYRR changed the route to allow for more runners and I accidently pressed the button to allow me to re-apply.  I got it.  I am using it to go up and visit family.  I am excited to see family and hopefully friends but I also would love to lay in bed and relax the rest of spring break.

While training for the NYC Marathon my speed did not increase, it may have stayed the same or decreased actually.  A few weeks ago I started working on speed but nothing major.  After the Gasparilla 15k which I ran with Behn, I set a time goal for this race.  I really surprised myself at Gasparilla.  I hardly give myself enough credit.  Then I got a cold.  I am still battling with the aftermath of a cold; the cough, headache, sinus..No fun.

My Goals

But here are some of my goals for you *Knowing this may be a challenging course with hills* My current PR is 2:12:11 and when I signed up for this race, I wanted sub 2.  I also plan to have my camera out because after all, I will be running through my favorite part of the world, Times Square!

A Sub 2:16  Not sure this is possible, but I will try!!!

B:( This was my original A goal but I think I can do a little better if I really push it )Sub 2:20:  This allows be right over 10:30 miles.  This is a hilly course and I have not been training on coursed.  This is very doable as long as my snottiness goes away and I am not too effected by the cold.  (last time that happened I peed 9x during a marathon)

C: Sub 2:30  I went 2:26:XX at the Best Damn Race and I was hurting for days afterwards.  Maybe it was due to the humidity, lack of training, but anything really.  Getting to that pace was damn hard!

I really am looking forward to seeing how far or how close to my PR I can make it.  I want to see where I stand in terms of last year.  My PR is exactly a years difference in time.

Questions for you:

How do you determine your goal time?

Are you running the New York City Half?

Have you tried the new Ben & Jerry's Core flavors?  I tried the Karamel Sutra Core and I am obsessed!
Have you donated to my fundraising page for my first triathlon?  It's quickly approaching!


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