Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dopey Training week 2

HI! How are you guys?  I just wrapped up week 2 of Marathon/Dopey training. I also wrapped up the first three days with my students.  Lets just say I am pooped!!! By the end of day one I went to the copy room to make copies and I just laid on the floor in relief.  I don’t think I could have stood up another minute.  My voice hurt, I was tired!  I was so cranky one day the week I took out our Roku from the TV and threw it at the hubby and told him to go somewhere else and watch TV.  It was probably 6-7 and I wasn’t going to have it!

This weeks training didn’t go as well as I would like but it wasn’t terrible.  I missed one mid week longer run.  My long run was a bit slower but I am not upset about it.  I am training for a 48.6 4 day race.  I am not training to PR.  It was my first week back and I am cutting my self slack.  In the past, I probably would have missed two runs.  I am really thankful to have Abby to report back to, it really motivates me!

Here are the numbers

Dopey Training Week 2:

Monday: Rest day.  I almost got up, then I saw the weather forecast and went back to sleep.

Tuesday: 3.4 miles Pace unknown.  I set out to do 6-7 during lunch at work and my legs just wouldn’t move.  I finally realized they probably hurt so much because I was in heels for 3 hours the night before and I don’t ever wear heels.

Wednesday:Rest day because the thought of waking up early before work and then after work with throbbing feet- no thanks!  

Thursday: Speed work!- 6 miles 11:47 average 2x400 (2:21, 2:18), 2x800 (4:46, 4:46) when I PR’ed my half I was doing these closer to 4:15… 1x1200 (7:12) 1x800 4:38 - because i ran out of time  It looks like my times were a little quicker than last weeks so I will take it.  

Friday: Rest day!- how glorious

Saturday: 9 miles with my amazing team.  I am so thankful for people to run with.  12:15 pace. I think it will take myself a few weeks for my body to get back into the swing of work for the runs to be normal

Sunday: 3.1 12:20 pace- just an easy recovery run-

total (running) miles: 21.5 miles

Overall: I am happy with this week considering it was the first week the students are back.  I really want to try and get some strength training in this week.  There is always room for improvement :)

How did your week go?  What are you proud of?

How do you manage to get in a strength training activity?  I always forget!  I just come home and play with my cats and shove food down my throat.

I am currently raining money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  If you would like to donate, please click here.  


  1. I schedule OTF workouts right after school so I have to go there before going home that way I don't go home and crash. That is the only way I get my strength work in. Plus, the first few weeks are just tough, it is a rude awakening and quite the adjustment period.

  2. I hope dopey training is going well! :)

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