Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marathon weekend..Leading up to race day

Yes, I know.  This is the post ya'll have been waiting for.  See my use of "Ya'll".  I have become a little more southern after visiting the beautiful Savannah, GA.  

Where to begin?

Wednesday night I picked my amazing cousin up from the airport.  She came with me to keep me sane, feed me candy and make me laugh.  All things we do best.  That evening I picked out a dress to wear to her brother, my cousin Justin's wedding.  She is a savior for bringing me clothes that are to small on her.  She is another story on her workout frenzy.  Another inspiring athlete.  Eventually after some talking we went to bed, or tried to at least.  I am not a good sleeper, so sleeping in the same bed as someone is not my strong suit.  It took us a while to get to bed and once we did, we did not sleep very well.

Thursday morning we were up pretty early and we hit the road.  After getting coffee and gas we were on the road at about 10:00 am with an estimated arrival time of 4..Without stopping:)
By 12 we were hungry!!! so we stopped in Hawthorne, Florida at a lovely place which was filled with Jesus love and Cows.  As we were leaving, Dana managed to meet an older man who offered to cut her hair.   Please see below.

*Fun Fact* Playing with your hair means you are horny... Who would have though.

Example One

Example Two.

After we got back on the road we stopped about two hours later for another bathroom break and of course a Publix break.  What road trip would be complete without a trip to Publix?  Yup.. I do not know.
We bought plenty of candy, used the restrooms, and purchased a banana or two. 

Off to Savannah we went.. 
We decided our best plan was to head to packet pick up first.  We did.  It was a good choice.  We picked up our stuff and this is where the real photo shoot began.  Most pictures are on my cousins camera.  We got my number, tshirt and goody bag.  We went by the official race gear because I was on a budget and headed toward the real goodies.  Free samples, other race registrations and fun nick knacks.  There was one race I wanted to sign up for.  I held off till after my run to make sure I did not injure myself.  I will share that race with ya'll once I sign up for it.  It may be a little goofy of me to even think about it.  I left there full but purchased nada, nothing, zilch.  This was very disappointing as I wanted new sneakers, compression sleeves. running shirts with funny sayings.  The items I wanted were endless.  We finally came to the end and decided it was time to go check into hotel #1.  We did so.  Met up with Nicole and her mom.  You may remember Nicole.  She is who I dragged into Team in training with me this season.

At the hotel, I ate cookies, rested and then it was time for dinner.  At this time, Dana and I were exhausted so we decided to fins another Publix to get subs, Tea and candy for dinner.  Classic.  We were in bed by 10.  Good night World

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