Monday, November 21, 2011

Where do you write your training schedule down?

I started looking at training plans after another runner, Mary had a blog about finding the right training plans.

I have looked at a bunch and haven't really decided on one.  I printed some out and gasp over how fast I am supposed to run..

That reminds me I need to get my butt in gear.

My question for all my loyal readers (myself) is..

Where do you write your training schedule down?
Where do you post it?
Where do you keep it?
How do you stay organized and on task/track?

Thanks guys


  1. i use a training plan that my coach in the running group made for me. i usually mark it red or green if i hit or miss the workout. in addition, i love daily mile. i log all workouts there and these include yoga or swimming or whatever else you want!

  2. I like the Hal Higdon training plans. I keep in my calendar at work and on my calendar at home. Daily mile is great for keeping track of all your activity.

  3. I usually make a calendar with RW's smart coach

    Post it on my fridge, and then add it to my calendar which is synced to my ipad, work computer and cell phone.

  4. I use Training Peaks (makes it easy since my Timex GPS uploads to the site). You can enter your plan in, then print it out if needed. I also link it to my Google Calendar which then updates my Android phone's calendar, so I get reminders. It auto logs there, but then I also enter into Daily Mile (as you know) which auto feeds to Facebook. :)

    Can you say "anal"? :)


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