Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Going for the Goal: May

It's May.
School is almost over.
Summer is almost here.
It's time for another month of goals.
This time, let's work harder at achieving them.

Goal 1: Get a haircut
Get a haircut.  Pretty simple, I have not gotten my hair cut in about a year.  Last May, I chopped my hair off and donated it to locks of love.  It was my second time doing this.  I am growing my hair out again to donate it.  My hair is gross and needs a trim.  

Goal 2:Run 6 miles.  
I have not ran more than 4 miles since December.  Marathon training begins this month.  Hopefully I will work my way up to 6 miles. :) 

Goal 3: Loose Weight
Wait, are you surprised this is on the list because I am not.  Weight is a battle I have been fighting since High School.  After packing on the pounds since being injured, I need to get them off.  My goal this month is 135.  On this note, my next goal is:

Goal 4: Tome it Up
I purchased the Tone it up diet plan because I have hit rock bottom.  My goal is to start utilizing it

Goal 5: Veganesque
I have been reading up on a Vegan diet, and I want to incorporate it into my diet.  I will not be totally vegan, but modified.  I will still eat fish.  I was to slowly ween myself into this lifestyle.  I think this will be my hardest goal.

Goal 6: Resume
I need to finish my resume.  I will probably be looking for a job because of how the Hillsborough School system works.  I am a temporary employee and will not be guaranteed a job after June 11.  
This is also were you come in.  If you know of anyone that is hiring, let me know!  I am amazing and people love :)

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