Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going for the Goal: April: Recap

Is it really the end of April?  I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by.
Yesterday, when I was on Twitter, I saw Meghan’s Tweet about the April recap and linking up.  It blew my mind that May was approaching.  
I started my goals a little but late this month, with that being said, I had a bout half a month to complete them.  Now it is time to see how I did.  You can find my post with the goals here.  
Goal 1:  Save Money
Umm yea, I just looked at my bank account and I wonder when is payday and how long ago it was.  This month for some reason was very tight with money.  I did put money away, it is still away but I am scared I will have to use it next month or even at the end of this month as pay day is not till Friday, Rent is due Tuesday, again that slipped my mind and I have a bachelorette party this weekend.
2.Loose Weight
My goal was to loose three pounds and be 131.8, instead i gained a WHOLE lot of weight and when i jumped on the scale this morning I weighed a wooping 144.2.  This is something I am not proud of, and I really need to get this eating under control.  I have my reasons why I think I can’t stop eating, but that I will get to another day. 
3.Do my Hair 1x a week
Yes!! This I have done :)  And it’s getting cut
4. Train
So, I have been training, just not as religiously as I should be.  I have gotten one swim in, a FEW runs, and a spin class.  I just purchased a helmet to take a real bike out on the road.  That is scary.
Now that I have recapped how I did with my goal, it is time to make my May goals.  I started brainstorming today and have them ready, just need to write them up.
How did you do with your April goals?


  1. Thanks for linking up with us! I definitely need to watch the money, too! It's tough!

    1. Thank you!! I am looking forward to doing it monthly :)

  2. i love your honesty in the post! i've been trying to get healthy and lose weight for a while now... and its tough. but that is one of the reasons that i love this link up... it makes you realize if you're moving in the right direction or what you want to improve on. you can totally kick those pounds for good!


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