Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goofy Thoughts and Goals

The BIG DAY is less than 48 hours away!  I am headed to Disney on Friday to get settled in, check out the expo and be a social TNT butterfly.

I cannot believe how quick time flies.  I remember signing up for this race with Team in Training back when I was at my old school, which means, May 2012! Seriosly, what was I thinking?  I am really excited, nervous, anxious about these races.  I am a mixed bag of emotions.  If this is your first time stopping by, the Goofy and a half challenge is a half marathon on Saturday followed by the full marathon on Sunday.  That is 39.3 miles of fun throught the happiest place on earth.  That is also countless hours on my feet. 

I am not sure if I have ever done a pre-race post before actually. 

This training cycle was all types of screwed up.  I wasn't able to train for my back to back runs because I was focused on the NY Marathon and was told not to do them yet and would start after NY.  I figured, after NY I would be in great shape, but I wasn't.  I started fighting overuse pains..ALL OVER.. Places I didn't know can hurt, or would hurt from running.  My training plan wasn't that feasable with my work schedue.  I simply could not get in two hour runs after school, two days a week.  I know how to make a plan for myself, or modify it to best meet the needs to me and my schedule now.  After NY, I was able to train with Team in Training again.  I love those people.  I am very lucky I had peole to meet, people to eat with, and discuss the stuff only runners talk about.  I got sick run after run and the long runs suffered.  Don't get me wrong, I did have some great runs!  I am finally seeing my speed improve on shorter distances.  (I can't wait to tackle the half marathon distance again).  I got burnt out, I am tired, and I am ready for a break.

Im scared.  I am scared I didn't put in all the training. 
Im confident.  I am confident that I will make it to that finishing line, somehow.
Im panicking.  I am panicking about the weather.  Have you seein it yet?  I am no speedy gonzalez, so I will me still out there when the sun is up and it beating down on me.  You are told to dress like it is 20 degrees warmer when running, I should be in just my swuimsuit then.  Hydration? Stomach?  All issues running through my head.
Im happy.  I am so happy I get to share the accomplishments of so many individuals who will be crossing the finish line to their first half or full marathon
Im stuffy.  I am starting to feel human again, I can almost breathe.  I was sick for three days.  I was breathless walking up 1 flight of stairs.
Im ready.  I am ready to toe those start lines!  As much as there have been problems, I am ready, and maybe as ready as I ever will be.  JUST GET HERE ALREADY!!

After 13.1, how will 26.2 feel? HELP!

My goals:
Apparently this is what peole want to read.  Who would have thought.  I am still thinking about these and tweeking it honestly.  There has been so much to happen and things to consider.  The weather, being sick, corral placement, back to back runs; that I am scared to really set goals.  I know that as long as I finish, I will be happy

13.1 Saturday:

A: Have fun, enjoy, walk some, run some, take pictures.  Not go in with the intention to set any records
B. 2:30-2:45  That means I probably stopped once and the heat is getting to me
C: Sub 2:26 I feel amazing and I am going to PR because I think I could if I tried :)


A:Sub 5:25
B:Sub 5:35
C:Sub 6

I am being very broud on the marathon goals becasue of the back to backs.  If I feel amazing, my goal is to fun it :) Sub 5:30 here I go.  As long as I go under 6, Iwill be a happy little camper after my last marathon experience

Have you ever ran a back to bakc race?  What did you do to prepare or recover?
Will you be at Disney?  I would probably love to meet you!

If you would like to track me, let me know.  I will be happy to give you my last name! Just ask


  1. First of all, you've got this! You trained and trained and trained. Now go have fun! Trust in your training and enjoy the experience.

    To help with your prepare/recover question... I have never done a marathon the day after a half but I did do the Michelob Ultra Challenge last year as Gasparilla. Best advice I can give is RICE after the half and HYDRATE! Drink WAY more water than you think you'll need.

    Good luck G-money! Cant wait to hear all about it!

  2. Have the best time! I'm sure you'll do great

  3. Good luck! This is intense and awesome!

  4. All you need to do girl is put one foot in front of the other. Foreward movement is your friend. Take the 1/2 as easy as you can and then kick the snot out of the full. You're ready GB!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

    P.S. If it's warm on BOTH race days, scale back your pace by at least 50%. Heat is the #1 reason for bonking on race day. Trust me. I'm queen of the bonk.

  5. You're going to do awesome. I can't wait to see you run sub-6 in that marathon, and I can't wait to hear how that half goes for you! I'll see you so soon. I'm sick too, and pissed about it. And my favorite line of this post is "I'd probably love to meet you."

  6. I like Beth's comment ;)

    Take the half super easy! The full is where it's at! I have never run a marathon, much less moved at all a day after a half. I am thinking about the Select 55 Gasparilla though... I have a concert the night before so I don't know if a half would be do-able after a late night!

  7. You are going to rock it! I think the RICE and hydration advice is KEY! Just get out there and have fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. You will be great! Good luck! Try to recover your legs as best as possible after Saturday. And don't eat anything crazy. I would listen to Beth. Also, try to conserve some energy at beginning of Sunday and save it for last half. Good luck!!


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