Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap

First off, let me apologize for not blogging regularly as it is the start of a new semester so life is a little crazy.  Also, whenever I try and blog, my computer/internet likes to act up.

This week was very exciting for me.  I was finally able to get in some runs that I was excited about!  I tried a new running club, went to an old one, and PR'd my 10k by almost 10 minutes.

I currently do not have a training plan so I feel like a chicken with its head cut off in terms of what I am supposed to be doing.  That is my goal for next week, come up with a plan that I can actually commit with for the Sarasota Half Marathon I am running on St. Patty's Day.

The issues I have started having again with running were stomach aches.  I will get into those when I talk about my runs this week.

Tuesday I met up with Michelle and her friend Kelsey at Four Green Fields for their run club.  I have wanted to go to this for years, but never really had the time.  I knew it was too soon to get into speed training, so I made my way over there after work.  I didn't have any particular distance I wanted to go.  I knew Michelle would be going 4.5 so I went the extra .25 out and ended right about 5.17 miles or so. I kept the average pace around 10:45.  I was happy this was so much better than the 3.1 miles I did the week before when it hurt to keep a 11:27 min mile pace.  At about mile 4, my stomach started to hurt.  It hurt bad.  I made it home but had to stop for gas on the way home.  At the gas station, I was hurled over in pain against my car.  I was happy to just make it home at that point.  (From that point on, I was in and out of the bathroom for the next 3 hours, sorry, TMI)  It was a lot of fun!

Thursday I dragged one of my running buddies, Misty out to Fitniche at Wiregrass mall for their weekly 5k.  I have been doing this fun for over two years now, but was stopped when I was training for NY because I had 8-9s on my schedule and we know if I do 3, I wasn't going back out for 6.  It was starting to get cold so I bundled up with as many layers as possible, but cool enough that I wouldn't be uncomfortable.  I started off with Misty but she told me to go ahead.  I am finally learning how to negative split! Yay!!  This averaged a 10:21 pace for 3.1 miles

My colorful warm outfit!
Saturday was the Best Damn Race 10k.  It was a last minute decision, as I signed up the week before.  I was looking at this for a PR and to get more miles in while having fun.  I did both.  I met up with my coach and Misty before hand, we drove over, picked up our stuff, met Elaine and snuggled in the car until it was time to head to the start line.  The course was great, there were some hills, and we all had a great PR day!  I PR'ed by 9 minutes and 51 seconds.  I am so happy about that! I also wish I would have gone just 15 seconds faster and I would have had sub 10's! My official finish time was 1:02:20 with a pace of 10:02.  My last 10k was in September and I finished in 1:12:11.  I will take it!
Thank you Meghan for the picture
Meghan, Meghan, Tori, Me

Me, Misty, Teresa, Elaine

Next weekend I get to participate in the Go Dirty Girl Mud run!!  I am so excited!  It will be my first mud run! 
Linkup your workouts (running, Crossfit, gym days) from this week with me, Kat, and Meghan! 

I want to start more cross training and strength workout soon, what do you do to help your running?

When setting goals, How do know what you are capable of?
I always find that the most challenging part, what are your goals?



  1. Congrats on your PR! The 10K distance is such a tricky one to tackle, in my opinion. It's just a "tad" too far to really go guns blazing, but not quite the "long run", if that makes sense! You rocked it!

  2. Congratulations on your PR! You had such a good week this past week.

  3. Fantastic job on your new pr! I agree with Meghan- 10k is the hardest distance for me to pace. Way go to!

  4. ohhh you are doing Sarasota... hmmm I have been thinking about it...gosh now I am realllly thinking about it. Way to go on the PR!!

    1. I'm contemplating it too... either that or a local Shamrock Brandon 10k.

  5. YAY!! Congrats on your PR! I'm so glad I saw you out on the course :) You were almost back and looking strong! Great week lady. I'm sorry you're still having tummy troubles. What'd the dr's say?

  6. Yay I am so glad I saw you! Congrats on your PR.:) By the way, we are restarting track at Ben Hill soon...if your are interested let me know. :)


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