Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters

Happy Friday Readers!!!

Are you as excited as I am for this weekend?  This is the first week back after spring break so there is a lot of catching up on and I am beat.  This is also the first weekend I am going to be staying in town in 4 weeks!  I have plenty of exciting plans but nothing beats being home!  Birthday parties, running, and family coming into town, oh my!

As much as my blogging is off and on, Friday Letters are one of my favorite things to do.  So here they are!

Dear Friday, once again, I am so happy you have shown your face.  Every Monday I can't wait for you to come around.  You are seriously my favorite day of the week!  Dear Toes, you have been in pain for the last week since you PR'ed the Sarasota Half marathon.  You need to get your act together so I can continue training for the Irongirl Clearwater Half marathon.  Trader Joes, you rock!  I was able to find such yummies this weekend, they are all gone.  Dear Irongirl clearwater, you were originally my last goal race.  I am very excited I can go into you enjoying you, not worrying about a time and being happy just to be done for the season.  I am ready for a break before NYC Marathon training begins.  Dear Sleep, you are mine this weekend!  Dear 2013, you have been pretty good so far.  I hope it stays that way and I am hoping opening my big mouth doesn't jinx me.  


  1. You have no big mouth. I'm so glad 2013 is going so well so far! And I'm sorry about your toes. I have two toenails that just want to pop off. I'm excited for bridge running tomorrow!

  2. 2013 WILL be a good year :) Hope your toes are feeling better dear :) I feel you on the IronGirl race. I'm just goin to run for fun and see what happens!


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