Sunday, August 25, 2013

NYCM Training Week 8: Take 2

I have to say, this week of training I am not proud of.  I managed to get in one run and to say I am disappointed is an understatement.  Fortunately, some of it was out of my control.  

This week, once again, I am linking up with Meghan and Kat.

I can't believe there are only 70 days until the Marathon.  Where has the time gone?  Are there really only 10 more weeks?  Do I really start tapering in 7 weeks?  I sometimes wonder how on earth I am going to finish 26.2 miles upright!  I know I am more committed this training season than last, but damn, this shit is hard!

Back to the scheduled post of making excuses...

This week, on Tuesday, I ran a whole 4 miles.  :(

But that is better than 0 miles :)

Unfortunately the weather was the reason I wasn't able to get my week day runs in.  As soon as I would get back home from work the skies would let out horrible roars!  Monday it was bad so I moved that run to Tuesday.  I set out to do 8 because I was scared this would happen Wednesday.  I managed 4 and probably should have stopped at two because it was lightning and thundering and I was trying to hard to ignore it yet I know that is not what I should be doing.  I knew it wasn't right over my head at the moment so I just made a loop and stayed close to home.  Wednesday it was rainy and stormy and same with Thursday.  

See, I do have a gym membership but,
1. I hate the treadmill ( I need to get over it)
2.  There are no fans over the treadmills at L.A. Fitness so that sucks
3. 8 miles on the treadmill, ugh!- I can run 8 miles without stopping outside, but 8 miles on a treadmill will take me eternity.  How do you people do it?  Slow the speed, make it faster, what do you focus on?

This weekend was also full of excuses.

I had 17 miles of bridges that I WILL do next weekend!

It was poor planning and overcommitting on my part.  I also may have signed up for a TRI that took place on saturday that I never did..That is for another post.

Friday after work I went to the Backstreet Boys concert and didn't make it to Behns till after 12.  I was not going to run on less that 4 hours of sleep and be miserable, especially since we had the summer of Rum festival we were really looking forward to that evening.  With that being said, would I really be able to wake up Sunday for a long run after the summer of rum?  Realistically, in hind sight, I should have, but didn't plan accordingly.

I am taking this as a rest.recovery week.  This was the first week with the kids, my ankles have been hurting more, I think from being on my feet all day in terrible, no good for your feet shoes, and I was exhausted!  
yea, Backstreets back...Allright!!!

I ran into these pretty ladies at Rum Fest.  Don't mind the hair, no one else did.  It was a little humid apparently.

This week I will try my darm hardest to run as much as possible to get my monthly milage over 100 miles!!!

How do you get your runs in on the treadmill, are there any tricks I need to learn?

Are you training over summer and wondering where your speed has gone?  I miss mine and it's making me sad!!! How do you get it back?

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