Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Stats and Thoughts

To be honest, I am very sad for July to end.  It means it is time to go back to work for good.  I went back three half days last week and teachers officially go back August 2.  Students are back August 10, sorry Behn- the crankiness begins.

While I have a few extra minutes here are a few things about July.

Beth, I hope it is ok but I stole this format from you :) - I need some creativity.

Run 93ish- This is pretty high for me these days.

Strength & Conditioning 8 Orange Theory Classes

Races Wesley Chapel Fast 5k - death by 5k

Current Reads Well, before school started I picked up Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow and Ionly got through about 80 pages…#fail 

Current Obsession Oreo Krispie Treats! To die for.  I actually ONLY ate a tiny piece.

Current Song Anything on the Hamilton Soundtrack- I never used to run with music, then I heard this soundtrack

Current Need More time off before work

Current Triumph Painting our bedroom.  I am not artsy fartsy at all andI did the whole room!  It was a pain measuring 40 inches up around the whole room so we can do the bottom half gray. 

Current Bain of My Existence Humidity! It is so hard to see your paces drop so much but I know it will pay off come fall.  Breathing in this is just ridiculous.

Current Goal make it through the first few weeks of school and not have my training slack off.  Also, fundraising!!!
You know your cool when your shirt says "We the People"

Current Indulgence Twistee treat Ice Cream

Current Blessings My cats..They are such good boys.

Current Excitement The Olympics!!! - I just cancelled our cable, anyone know how to watch it with a roku, k Thanks!

What are you proud of for the month of July?  Do you have any August goals?

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  1. Yes, this back to school thing - not ready.
    I love the cat pictures as always.


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