Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Year in Review

Year In Review

So, I have never done a year in review but was looking at a few blogs and I likes what B.O.B had to say so I may have borrowed her format :)

F.Y.I. I just started running in 2010 so my years have run together.  I sometimes forget what happened when.  That is probably not a good thing for a 20 something year old..

Best race experience?
I didn't do much racing in 2011 but I think my best race was Rock N Roll Savannah.  I may have been disappointed and hated it, but the experience was great.  I worked so hard to complete my first marathon so this is a race I will never forget.  I raised money for Team in Training, my cousin came up to cheer me on and support me and I watched my friend, Nicole complete her first Team in Training journey.

Best run?
I think my best run was a 14 miler I did over at flatwoods park with the Team.  I ran part of it with Jessica who was training for San Fransisco.  It was my longest run to date and I beat my Half marathon time, or the time It would have been for my half.  I also felt amazing after that accomplishment. :) Woohoo

Best new piece of gear?
My brooks Ravenna 2 sneakers!! I have the worlds most sensitive feet so they were a life saver!  I got them on sale at the Gasparilla expo!!! WIN!! I even asked for another pair for hanukkah:)

Best piece of running advice you received? 
That may have been from 2010, Woops, but I am going to state is anyway.
"You're not in it to win it, go out there and enjoy yourself"- Coach Pete

Most inspirational runner? 
There are so many people I have met in the last year I do not know who I can choose.  
There are a handful of bloggers that I follow who I am completely amazed by! So my mot inspirational runner; you, my reader and my fellow bloggers and teammates because you inspire me to get out there and keep on going.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? 
This has been a great year with completing my first marathon and being a captain for Team in Training.  I hope to inspire.  I have shaves a minute or so off my 5k time, and as of my last half, 30 seconds off my Half time!!
Only more goals to come :)
Things are going to be hard, time is going to bog you down, but do what you love.  It is the only way you are going to come out on top.  Make time for yourself (Something I need to remember

What's your year looked like? Feel free to leave your responses in the comments too if you don't want to blog them.

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