Monday, February 13, 2012


I went to the Doctor again today after "completing" in a half yesterday.  I called him up like it was an emergency.

I was told no running for a month :( so what does that make me do..Eat..which makes me gain weight..which doesn't make me happy..

Its a vicious cycle.

Now onto stopping that habit (after ice creme because it was bogo at Publix)

Race recap coming shortly...Or so I hope :)


  1. Totally feel you! I get with pain...more stress.. eat. Ug! You will run pain free!

  2. Thanks :) now to get on track with all this valentines candy!!

  3. i hope you get this b/c i don't see your email addy. :)

    check out tell 'em B.o.B. sent you.


    there's a few other groups around tampa. just depends on where you live.


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