Thursday, March 8, 2012

happy dance

so, you know that feeling when you haven't been able to run since December and you are allowed to try to run one mile next week? well I am jumping for joy!

this afternoon I went to my massage appointment and saw my doctor and he said I get to try to run one mile. the catch, foam rolling!

please do not think this massage is fun, it is not. Micah beats my left leg up for an hour, it is torture!!

If my knee hurts while I run, that will mean another month or so of no running, annoying exercises and foam rolling. if that happens, I guess I better start saving up for a road bike.

Cross your fingers I am pain free, I have NYC Marathon in less than 8 months! and this flabby non runner body's clothes are starting to get too tight, yuk!!!

happy running :)

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