Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July: Go for the goals!

Is it really July?
July means it is time for my birthday..It is right around the corner
And July 4th
And Beers and Barbeques
And mosquito's
Beach Days....
I can keep going, but instead, I will give you my goals for July....

Goal 1: Relax
I need some time to relax.  I went from teaching to working summer camp and as I continue to work summer camp, I need to find time for me to just relax and chill out.

Goal 2: New classes
I am adding this to my goals.  Try new classes at the gym.  I am so focused on running, running, running that it is consuming me and I want to also work and incorporate strength and the best way for ME is to go to classes.

Goal 3: Eat healthy
Once I get back from vacation, I want to start eating healthy again.  It always makes such a difference in training for marathons.

Goal 4:  Tan
Yes, Lay and the pool, the beach and just bake in the sun.  I do wear sunscreen and lots of it.  That is how you know yo are a runner.  You cannot afford a sunburn because it would take away from running if it hurts. :)

What are your July goals?
How did you do on your June goals?


  1. I want to try some new classes too!

  2. I love trying out new classes. It sucked only once when I found myself having to balance on a bosu ball for an entire hours worth of exercises that had me freaking out. I didn't want to twist my ankle but the instructor had us jumping all over the place and balancing on just one foot while doing it lol. All I could think was "oh please don't let me twist my ankle!!! I still want to run!!" Otherwise they've turned out surprisingly well. I tried Zumba a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since.


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