Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social: Vacation

It's that time of the week when things become hectic with the start of another work week, instead, let's take a few minutes to talk about vacations with Neely and Ashley with their link up for Sunday social.

Best trip you've ever been on
The best trip I hae ever been to was New Zealand.  It was amazing there.  It was relaxing and adventurous.  I went there not knowing anyone and left with great memories.

Best idea for a girls weekend trip
The beach, nice and relaxing with some local bars to go totally crazy :)

Best idea for a couples trip
A relaxing getaway with some adventure or sightseeing.  Zip-lining, the eiffel tower, Disney..should I continue>

Best vacation on the cheap
The beach, national parks.  It's great to pack a picnic, some drinks, a blanket and you have the whole day at your hands

Place you most want to visit
I want to visit Asia!  

Vacation/Travel necessities
Good Shoes and a good attitude.

I tried to keep this post as simple as possible as there are so many ideas floating through my head.  I just got back from vacation last week and it was a great time.  Me, family, and the beach; I could not ask for more.  I am also very simple and easy to please.


  1. New Zealand sounds amazing!

  2. I would seriously LOVE go to New Zealand one day!

  3. I would love to New Zealand someday, or pretty much anywhere else in that section of the world!

  4. You are so right, good shoes are an absolute must! I forgot that one. And I'd love to see New Zealand. Isn't that where they filmed Lord of the Rings? Hop on over and check out my Sunday Social too!


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