Thursday, August 2, 2012

Go for the Goal: July Recap

I cannot believe it is August.  Where has the month of July gone?  
It is time to recap my July goals and think of goals for August.  You can read my post on my July goals here, but on this post, you can find out how I did..


1. Relax:  I cannot say this was done to the fullest extent.  With work and training's I did not get in any days off besides the weekend which I needed.  FAIL!

2. New Classes: PASS!  I tried some crossfit four times, the lululemon run club, Pilates, and some more spin.  I was able to get in some quality gym time.

3. Eat Healthy:  I would have to say I have been eating healthier, but it is not a compete success.  (But a start(

4. Tan:  This was a success for a bit, such as when I was on vacation.  Life..boy do you get in the way.

I can say that these goals I was not as successful to complete as previous goals I had made.  I had this realization that life will not slow down...EVER.. and need to deal with that.  

How did you measure up for your July goals?


  1. I have the same problem with juggling life, work, and fitting how much I want to exercise in. Just not enough hours in the day :)
    I think it takes a lot longer than what we realize to really get a good groove going when it comes to working out. But consistency is key and that's where I fall off the boat.

    1. I think what makes it harder with the inconsistency of our schedules.. I need a "normal" 9-5!

  2. Good job girl, it's always nice to see how well we've done!

  3. Great job! I really want to try crossfit, a friend of mine does it and swears by it! :)

    1. I really really liked it! but I knew with my schedule I wouldn't be able to get my runs in once I started school, it had to go. I recommend it though! 100%

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