Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting dirty..

A few weekends ago I was given the opportunity to partake in my first mud run. This was part of the Dirty Girl series! It was such a great first experience as everything was so well organized and thought out. If you know me, I am not a "dirty" girl. I may not be all dainty and frilly but the one thing I hate about visiting New York is when dirt gets under my nails.
Late me preface this by saying how this was not the bat day for me to be partaking in this event because I had to run over to St. Pete for wedding dress shopping with my Big. Getting dirty right before hand, I was a little nervous and was on a time crunch.
When I arrived at little Everglades ranch, I immediately met up with Misty and the other Tampa Bay Bloggers! They were near experts ans told me I should bring my stuff to change into after the fun mud run becayse that is where all the changing tents are, I forgot my towel. We then headed towards packet pickup and bag check, took tons of picture, of which I took none as my camera is broken and was scared to get my phone all muddy!
Once they called for our 8am wave, we made our way over and they prepped us with Zumba. At about 8:15, we were off. Caitlyn mentioned wanting to do this in 45 minutes so I stayed with her knowing I really needed to get back. The bloggers started out together but after a few obstacles we slowly separated. I really wish I could have stayed with everyone as I know it would have added to the excitement and experience. Not only was this a 5k, there were tons of fun obstacles! You could have gone around the obstacle if you needed to, but they were all "easy" or "hard" enough for women of all shapes and sizes! There was sloshing through mud, climbing up a air staircase which Misty literally hoisted my rear end up so I made it up. She landed face first in the mud. We about died laughing! From obstacle to obstacle, we were dodging through cow droppings which was loads of fun! We got to climb ropes, ring bells, crawl on our hands and knees! I didn't realize how hard I worked until the next morning I was sore! I couldn't figure out why I was so sore!
These pictures were from Lydia. Her husband was nice enough to be our race day photographer. Raffi was also on hand for more pictures!
This was my first and probably my last mud least for a while! This is defiantly a great race and I would highly recommend it! It is an all womens 5k with obstacles! all ages and abilities can definatly participate! To make it better, they donate to the National Breat Cancer Foundation!

I was comped entry for a review of this race. All opinions are my own.


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  2. Welcome back to blogging love! Nice recap! I'm sad I missed this one :)


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