Thursday, August 7, 2014

The end of summer..

What going on with me you ask?

Nothing like meeting up with a few bloggers to get your creative juices flowing.  The last time I posted was right after school and now I post again when school is about to begin.  I had the whole summer to write but I had no desire to turn my computer on.  As much as I always enjoyed blogging, after i met more and more people blogging I felt like I was trying to compete or keep up with people and that is not why I started this blog.  I started this blog to journal my first half marathon then first marathon.  I needed to refocus.  Last night at The Sweet Tooth Cakery made me miss blogging and sharing my thoughts so hopefully I will muster up the time and energy to blog on my own watch.  Also, even though I had the whole summer off I did attempt some wedding and house projects.  

I saw Meghan’s post a while back about what she is currently doing and I liked the format and wanted to make it my own :) 

currently entertaining:  The thought of having to go back to school in just a few days.  I had a great summer but I can use a few more weeks!  This past week I entertained two of my girlfriends!  We had delicious turkey tacos and one friend brought her 3 month old!! She is just the cutest!!! I also had the thought, instead of getting married I can just have babies..NO?  I wish I was a better picture taker because this would be a good place to add that picture!

Take me back please!
currently loving: Daytime TV!  I do not watch TV during the school year but man, I have a schedule until 5pm!  I seriously do not know what I am going to do once school starts.  DVRing isn’t worth it because I won’t ever watch it!!  Seriously!  Today show, Kelly and Michael, Hoda and Kathy Lee, The Chew, The Doctors, Dr. OZ, then Ellen.  Behn and I have been watching Law and Order: SVU before bed every night.  It’s lovely! I am loving getting in workout and not having a time crunch..  I am also loving morning smoothies!  I am the worst at fueling after a workout and I have had two lovely smoothies this week..delicious :)

currently working on: Marathon training.  Marathon training started this week and it’s going well!  I also have to work on my classroom next week so I should start putting things together and make a Walmart or Michaels trip!

currently thinking: Do I really have to go back to work?  
How lucky I am to have a few friends who will meet me in the morning to get some speed work in or long runs in!  
I am also thinking how I don’t want to do laundry but its hot out and my workout clothes are pretty nasty!

currently looking forward to: Winter Break!  Just kidding :)
We are looking at a venue on Saturday and Behn is pretty excited about it.  I hope it is reasonably priced because this whole budget thing is cramping my style.  Unfortunately due to unforeseen events, our budget was pretty much cut in half and my dream beach wedding at a resort will probably be thrown out.   I am thinking maybe a private beach ceremony.
Anyone have any fun idea?

currently wearing: Maxi skirts!  It has taken me years to find a maxi skirt that fits me because I am shorter than the average and have a tummy so nothing fits me currently.  I saw Meghan had a cute one and I stalked her for it!  I stocked up.  I am also loving pajamas because only for a few more days I can wear them ALL day!!

currently reading: I just finished two books while I was on vacation and currently in the middle of Wild, by Cherly Strayed.  I have a few other books by James Petterson out from the library and have to pick up another one today by Bette Midler.  

currently watching: daytime TV!! See above :)

What would you add to a list of things you're currently doing?

How did your wedding planning go?  What tips do you have for me?    I am so lucky to have a great support system and so many people giving me ideas.  I think I am on idea overload though!


  1. My first comment on ur blog!! I am so glad we r neighbors and have gotten to run together, do some wedding stuff , and laugh alot in between.. hope this venue works for ur budget.. just remember you dont have to rush and its ur wedding and you can do anything you want with it and i know it will b special! :) youre gonna need to take a day off every week so u can DVR ur daytime tv addictions and have time to watch them lol!

    -Kristen :)

  2. I feel that way with blogging from time to time, and after I take a mini break, I always feel SO much better. I do have an events business on the side (of my "real" job) so if you need any advice, feel free to email me :) Glad you're back!

  3. Hey! We share the maxi dress/skirt dilemma. So where did you find maxi skirts that fit? Do share! :)

    1. I purchased two from target and one from old navy. I have to roll them up a bit so they do not drag on the floor but you would never know :)


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