Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Goals

2014 wasn’t such a bad year I just do not think it was able to top 2013.  I am hoping 2015 tops all the other years.  We are already though mid January and I have been thinking of goals I would like to achieve this year.  Some may seem obvious and easy to achieve while others will take a lot of work on my behalf.

2015 Goals

v  Read more

I love to read but find it so hard during the school year to get engulfed in a book as I have done in the past.  I also feel social media and being attached to my phone also hinders me picking up a good book.  This year I want to read one book a month, or 12 books a year.  I already finished one so I am off to a good start J


v  Run Faster

2014 was all about getting that sub 5 marathon. Unfortunately that did not happen but I did PR it.  2015 I want to get faster at shorter distances.  Maybe a PR in the Half, 10, or even the 5k.  The only races I have truly trained for is a half and a full marathon so maybe that will change this year.


v  Happy in my Body

This year I am getting married and we will be on a cruise for 5 days.  I want to feel confident and happy in my body.  My weight increases and decreases without me realizing it.  Since Behn and I bought our house my weight went up about 6 pounds or so, which may not seem like a lot but on my 5 foot (almost) 2 frame, my pants no longer fit and I have to remember what other people eat, I may not be able to.


v  Save Money

This one will be tricky with the wedding and also that my car needs about $2,000 in repairs but I am hoping to be less frivolous with my money so when an emergency happens, such as a car breaking, I can afford to get it fixed.


v  Not go crazy

I am one who freaks out or gets anxiety of the littlest things but big things may not worry me as much.  I hope this year with planning the wedding; I don’t go all crazy or bridezilla on anyone.  I know I will have my fair share of freak outs but I hope to keep them to a minimum this year so everyone is happier J


v  Blog More

I don’t want to get overly ambitious now because I feel this is a reoccurring theme but lets strive for a blog at least twice a month J


v  Enjoy life and be spontaneous!

Those are my goals and I think they are pretty well rounded.  I am excited to see what 2015 brings J



What are your goals for 2015?

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