Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ask me how many miles I ran this weekend?

Well, as you are aware, Saturday mornings I do my long runs.   I prep and mentally prepare all week, and this weekend I was ready to conquer 20 miles!!

My bags were packed, I was hydrated, all carbed up and in bed by 8:30..Things were looking good for me.  I was mentally in the game this week!

..I was still up at 10:30 and my mind was racing, I went from being all excited about running my long run to panicking about everything else.  It was a sleepless night, I know I had to watch Eric run his first half marathon at Disney the following night, I was overwhelmed and felt sick to my stomach at that point.  I had been having chest pains that week, which I take it up to anxiety, but that is my self diagnosis.

I knew if I would have gone to my run, I would not have mentally been there, it would have turned out no good.

Therefore, can you guess how many miles I ran?


And I am incredibly disappointed in myself.  I needed a mental health day, I needed a day to get things done, and that of course did not happen, running around getting things ready for Disney.

After two crazy weeks, I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained.  Today I am doing better.  I got out Monday and Tuesday evening for some runs:)  I am back on track.  I promised myself I have to get it into gear since I cannot run on Saturday due to the holiday..

Now if my back would only stop hurting to get in my scheduled 7 miler this evening.. there is always tomorrow morning:)


  1. Genna ... sometimes skipping a run is more beneficial that forcing yourself to run. You know I had to stop for almost three weeks due to an injury, and that I hated it, but in the end I think it helped me. Stop beating yourself up, regroup, and hit it hard next week. You rock!

  2. Sometimes these things happen. I know it's seems monumentally devastating but in the long scheme of things you'll be ok. You have a base and you have more training to go. Take a deep breath and just focus on today, tomorrow, this weekend!!!

  3. Genna!! :) have done such an amazing job training and fundraising over this past year and a half now that I've known you!! Like Morgan said..."deep breath"...listen to your body and don't worry about that number on your training schedule. Your determination has gotten you this far...and will get you even farther. Big hugs!! Slow and steady, you're almost there!! H~

  4. Thank you all for your amazing comments:)


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