Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Rain

This weekend was a Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.  For this holiday, it includes a 25 hour fast.  That means NO water or food or anything!!!  That being said, I had to skip my Saturday run.  My coach, Teresa, was nice enough to get me out of bed for a Sunday run.  I had no clue how much I was going to run.  I planned on at least 11 and see from there how I felt.

Saturday came and went and boy was I hungry.  I was getting a little nervous for Sunday because I was unable to hydrate and get any nutrition in until dinner at Yummy Grillsmith.  I went there with my Amazing Roomie, Brittany, who has been AMAZING the last two weeks with all that has been going on in my crazy, hectic, not very fun life.  I may have also received a text from Teresa saying that we may have rain, we will run in the rain but not lightening.  I was sort of hoping for lightening.  Yes, pathetic, I know!

Well, 6 a.m on Sunday came, I texted Teresa, and we were on for our run.  It was 7 a.m at Flatwoods and we were off!! it was only drizzling and we were feeling good with out steady pace.  Then mile 4 came.  Yup, the sky decided this was the time for the rain to really come down.  The rain did not stop until..well, it's still raining!  We were drenched.  I hope my ipod still works as it stopped working come mile 7.

It was great to run in the rain.  My body started to not want to keep going at mile 9.  We kept pushing.  I am taking some of it up to not being fueled from the night before.  We finished strong as we did not stop till out watch said 11 miles, we were NOT stopping at 10.95..NO WAY!!! we ran to the stop signs a few times ;)

Thanks Teresa for getting me up because if you did not, I would have slept and just got in a few miles on Monday!! Thanks for being a great coach and once of these days I will be as fast as you!

I then had to run errands, or that was my intention, but doing that in the rain, then carrying groceries in the rain did not sound great.

Post run.  Not very cute, but we were done and drenched!

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  1. Not very cute??? Bah!!! I disagree!!!

    You know I saw that you were fasting and it never hit me that you were Jewish. Funny. I was wondering why you were doing that. In any case, I am glad it didn't affect you and you got the run in. You BOTH rock, and are an inspiration!


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