Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marathon Training: Long Run: 20 Miles

Yes, you heard that right.. 20 miles! I did it and I can still walk.  Well, sort of :)

As per my Friday routine, I carbed up and hydrated throughout the day.  It was a very crazy friday at school as I had to call the Assistant Principal to my room, my kids were off the wall and the stress of observations and the end of the marking period is certainly getting to me.  (I have an observation Thursday and was just told I had another one the following week.. as in I just got an e-mail a few minutes ago).  With that, I need to prepare lessons for the three days I will not be at school while I am running my little heart out in Savannah.

So, Friday when I got home I made some delicious brown rice pasts, watched T.V, packed my bag for the morning ( I forgot all forms of ID, Money, Credit Card, etc. this time) made my peanut butter sandwich, charged my ipod and Garmin, made sure I had clean clothes, set my alarm and it was off to bed for me.  With all that was going on I had a little bit of trouble trying to sleep, but I made it to bed by 10 and was up at 4:30 for a 5:30 start time.

As oppose to my last long run when I was supposed to do 18 miles, this time I was mentally there!! I was ready to get these miles done! I knew I could do it, I also knew it was all downhill from here:) 

As always, I ate my sandwich in the car, hydrated, got all ready and met with Lyle before the rest of the TEAM got thee since I was doing slightly more miles.  Lyle and I ran and chatted for about 3.5 miles outside the park then I did 1.5 outside before heading inside for bathroom stop #1.  It was just a few minutes before 7 and I got to the potty right before a line started to form.. BINGO:)

6 miles were down without a problem, I was keeping a decent pace and I was not dwelling on it, I didn't care how long it took me.  I figured it may take me about 5 hours.  

At mile 7 my pinky toe started to hurt and get irritated so at the mile 8 water stop I took my shoe off and found nothing.  It felt as there was a rock in it or something.  I was very concerned at this point but kept on trucking..Then onto the mile 10 water stop! I was feeling fine, I couldn't believe how far I came.  At mile 10 I felt as i could go on forever and decided to take a power gel thingy.  I knew there was a bathroom about 2.5 miles away incase it upset my stomach.. Yup.. I am pretty sure these things go right through me, but luckily, I had to potty, but did not get sick like after the GU.  

So, potty break #2 done!! and 13 miles down after the walk back from the bathroom.  I ran a little more around Flatwoods and I was like damn, now I have to pee.  But didn't think it would require another bathroom stop.  I only had 7 more miles to go.. The work ONLY.. Yes, that is a whole other blog post I keep meaning to write.  So I am running along, and running along and then I realize how bad I have to go to the bathroom, I kept looking for placed to run into the woods and go, but it is so swampy I would never make it over.  I got to mile marker 16 and it was so hard to drink water because I knew how bad I had to go.  It hurt to walk, it hurt to run.  I was pretty sure I was going to have pee come down my leg soon.  I tried to go into the woods and the first time I went about two feet and had prickly things in my shoes and socks and could not venture in anymore.  So back to running I went, practically holding myself.  Then I saw another muddy spot so I went it, made it in and went, but wow, the mosquito's were attacking.  I did my business and made it out with about 20 bites, but I was able to continue on.  

After potty break number 3 I was only about 1.5 miles away from mile marker 18 and I was still going strong.  My pace would slow and speed up, which it quite normal for me.  I saw KC a few times, waved and finally figured out who she was out there:) ( You should check out her blog because she is extremely inspirational and I learned about her through John and Jen)

Mile 18 water stop I saw a few runner and bikers, was chatting with some people and then it was ready to start again.  My body could hardly move at this point but I knew I still had it in me.  This was the longest I had run to date.  I walked the first .30 for mile 19 and then saw Lyle, I walked to him, we chatted then we began running.  Ugh, then we came upon the dam bridge and still managed to get over that.  We ran the rest of the way and made it to the end.  I hate you mile 20 and I hated mile 7 because I always find the first and last mile in the park is the longest, just the way the road doesn't curve and looks as if it goes on forever!! 

I did it, it took me 4:29:27 without counting my numerous bathroom breaks.

Now it's Taper Time!!!

My legs are sore today.  I knew when I finished yesterday I was going to finish 26.2

The little pinky toe I though had a rock in it actually was a blister which actually hindered my walking yesterday!

Right over the bridge.. About to begin mile 7 :)

20 days till RNR Savannah!!


  1. It is going to be an awesome marathon! I'm excited for you. I remember my first 26.2 like it was yesterday and it changed my life. Just an amazing experience that goes way beyond just running. I feel for you with the mosquitos. When our friend crashed a couple of weeks ago, as we stopped to gather him up, the mosquitos swarmed on us and I still have bite scabs all over. Once again, awesome job knocking out that 20 miler!!

  2. Thank yoU!! I can't wait for your Ironman update as we set out to complete our journey's the same date:)
    I hope your friend is feeling better!


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