Friday, April 27, 2012

My favorite running thingies

I love a good list and was brainstorming things I could not live without.  I always manage to write them in different list and categorize it.

These are the Running things I could not live without

  • Brooks Ravenna 2:  I have found these shoes at Jackrabbit in New York city when I was visiting.  My old brooks would give me bad blisters.  (I have very sensitive feet). I am on my third pair right now of the same ones.  
  • Garmin 305:  This watch tells you your pace, distance, heart rate, lap time, etc.  I do not even use all of the functions because I am not the best when it comes to technology but it certainly gets the job done.  It is very easy to use.
  • Spibelt:  This is the perfect size to hold my phone and some snacks for the road.  If you know me, you know I love my snacks.  
  • Fuelbelt:  On the HOT SUMMER LONG runs these are perfect.  Fits right on my my hips and holds enough water to get me through a run.  It also comes with a little compartment for my snackies.  
  • Honeystingers:  I can’t do much fueling while I run.  It very often upsets my stomach but these honeystinger suckers are delicious.  They come in waffles also and they taste like a cookie.
  • Thick Hair Ties:  I have thick long hair so these are the only thing that keeps my hair up.  I also do not like the hair on my neck so I need a few.
  • Glide:  How many of our legs like to chafe together when we run?  Oh yes, mine do!  In Florida it is too hot for me to run in anything but shorts and this does wonders. It looks like deodorant and you just “glide” in on   MAGIC
  • Deodorant:  Pretty self explanatory  I think
  • Bobby pins:  This is perfect for the little fly aways you may have
  • Nike shorts:  These are fabulous with the little underwears.  Two things in one!
  • Sports Bra: For my fellow women, pretty self explanatory again.
  • Ipod Shuffle!! Duh, I almost forgot one
For all you beginner runners, I hope this list helped you.  For my experienced runners, do you have anything to add

My custom orthotics and my ipod just chillin


  1. That's a pretty comprehensive list. The only thing I would add is probably a pair of running shades and sunblock!

  2. Along with the items you listed I always carry my cell phone just in case of an emergency.


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