Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Go for the Goal

As it is now June, I sit here wondering where May has gone.  This month has flown by!  As life should be getting a little easier as school is letting out next week I am very excited to get started on the following May goals!

Goal 1: Portfolio
I need to made a teaching portfolio when I go in for interviews this summer.  That is my goal this month because as of June 28, open hiring occurs in Hillsborough county.

Goal 2: Try new classes at the gym
With more time for ME, it gives me the opportunity to try classes I have always wanted to try.  This also includes crossfit which I have a groupon for,

Goal 3: Triathlon
I have a triathlon June 16 which I have done NO training for.  My goal is to decide if I want to do it still (I do) and enjoy myself and not kill myself on a bike in an open road.

Goal 4: Save Money
This is for real!  I am working a summer job so hopefully most of it will go towards saving or paying off student loans.  

Goal 5: Blog
I want to blog more regularly now that life should settle down.  let's decide on at least three posts per week.  I like that :)

Goal 6:  Not obsess over my weight
I went to the doctor about a bunch of issues I have been having and my thyroid levels are high and my iron is low.  I have more tests to do so until we know what is going on, no obsessing.  Since elevated TSH means faster metabolism, most people loose weight, I do not.  This has always been an issue.  I balloon up because it also makes you hungrier.

Good luck to all who have made June goals!
Share your with me as well!!


  1. I had thyroid cancer and now have no thyroid at all. I feel your pain. If you need insight let me know. I also know a GREAT doctor that saved me.

  2. youre a may zing, ps. alwasy have been alwasy will be, i wish you teh best with your goals and hope to see you really soon!

  3. Nice goals! Sorry to be dr. but elevated TSH means your thyroid is slow and tje reason why you are losing weight and associated with iron defieciency anemia. You need thyroid supplementation to feel better.


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