Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Friday

Every day, each and every period, I greet my students "Happy (Insert day of the week)", or "Good Morning/Good Afternoon Boys and Girls"!  They know how to respond but sometimes it takes us a few rounds to get it correct.


Friday letters are my favorite and I have been pretty absent on the bloggosphere lately, but here goes nothing!.

Dear Friday, I am so happy you decided to finally show up.  It has felt like forever since I have seen you last. 
Dear Brother, I am so excited I get to spend the weekend with you.  I am sad the other half of our B-Squad couldn't join us but we are going to have so much fun.  I am excited for your first race!!  We are going to dominate the gate River Run
 Dear Spring Break, hallelujah!! Even though I am already stressing out that I won't see any of you, I may only be home one day, I am determined to make the best of you.  I am determined to revamp myself.  My eating, my room, and learn to make some ME time. 
Dear Thursday Run, I need to give myself credit here.  This is a run I would have normally skipped, I was exhausted, overwhelmed with what I needed to get done, such as packing, cleaning, eating, and I actually went out to run.  I had 5 easy miles on schedule so I just went out to clear my head.  I came home with the overall pace right under goal pace and a few miles a little too under goal pace for it to be an easy run.  Yay for finaly making changes and progres.
Dear Friends and Family, thank you for putting up with my this week, especially Thursday when I had a near meltdown.   

This week is going to be super busy with lots of traveling and running.  I am excited to announce a few of my favorite bloggers and I are hosting a giveaway!!!  It is a nice BIG one with a GREAT prize! It should go live Monday at Midnight so check back here!!

What are your weekend plans?
What do you like to do with your vacation time?
How do you get through the chaos of life and remember what is important?



  1. Are you on spring break already??? Lucky gal! Ours is the last week in March. It can't get here fast enough!

  2. YAY! Thanks for plugging the giveaway! I am super excited about it :)
    And I am so glad that spring break is coming up because it sounds like you need it with your busy self! Definitely make sure to take ONE DAY of that break to do absolutely nothing of importance. TRULY REST!

    I go on cruises for vacation. I don't have any other choice but to relax and unplug in the middle of the ocean.

  3. Congrats on that progress! Mary's plans are something else, huh!? Good luck this weekend! Enjoy as much of spring break as you can!


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