Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saucony Virrata: Product Review

These beautiful sneakers came to me in the mail the other week!  

The laces glow in the dark..or in my imagination
The Saucony Virrata sneakers were sent to my to try out and review.  I was so excited to see how bright and pretty they are.  I am not going to lie, I was obsessively checking my mailbox for about two weeks.    After all, don't we all want shoes that look nice.  Time and time again I have had to settle for shoes that were not all that aesthetically appealing but were the shoes that fit my feet.  

When I first put these shoes on I was in love.  They feel so comfortable and natural to just walk around in.  I run, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.  

According to Saucony:
"Stripped down to strong. The Virrata is our lightest and most flexible training shoe and allows your foot to move naturally. We removed everything that isn’t helping your run improve. What remains is a feather-light, ultra flexible shoe with advanced cushioning that promotes a powerful stride and allows your foot to move the way it was meant to. Built on a 0mm offset, this shoe lets your feet do the work while providing plenty of protection from the road. The breathable mesh upper makes the shoe incredible lightweight and quick-drying to run in wet weather conditions. Weight: 6.0oz.

Sorry about my cankles
I am currently transitioning into a more minimalist shoe and am wearing a 4mm drop.  The Virrata's are a 0mm drop meaning there is no difference from the heal to the toe.  They are super light and it feels as if I am walking on clouds.  As a "Floridian", I say that with pride because I am also New York City girl, we do not wear sneakers out and about.  Now I can say I do.  I have put these on multiple times just to wear them.  I prance around the house, have gone to Target, race expos, and I may have taken a nap in them..shh..  My shoes are a size 7.5 and they are just a tad big.  The toe box is nice and big which I like so I should hopefully have no blisters that I am prone to. I have a narrow heel and they fit just perfect.  There are enough laces to make them as tight or as loose as you need.  I bring that up because I have issues with other laces because I may have custom orthotics in a pair which doesn't allow the laces to double knot.  I did not put the orthotics in the shoes because they are minimalist and would defeat the purpose.

I was able to take these babies out for two test rides and unfortunately they were not my best runs.  Were they the shoes or was it outside influences, I am not sure but since I started the new training cycle for the Irongirl Half Marathon in Clearwater, those were the two stinky runs I have had.  The first run just felt hard which is normal because of the new shoe and form.  The second one I had really bad knee pain in my right knee but that could also have been from running a 15k just two days before hand ( I PR'd).  

I will continue to run in these, testing out smaller distances and see if I still have any issues.  If I do, they are my new to go to walking shoes!  I always think about going to Disney in sneakers and these wold be amazing!  I normally walk around in Toms or flip flops but there is no support in them.  These just may be the ideal Disney sneakers.  I know that is not the intention, but whatever works..right?

Have you seen the pictures I have posted of them on instagram?

Do you run in a minimalist shoe?
Have you transitioned from a stability shoe like me?

*Disclaimer: I received these shoes for free to test and review as a FitFluential Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. I love those, especially the colors! :-)

  2. Those are super cute - hope they work for you upon further testing

  3. Very cool shoes. I'm sorry they're not your favorites! I can't wait to try out some new shoes. I think I'll splurge after this weekend.

  4. I love my Brooks Pure Cabdence, the Pure line is similar to this new Saucony line!


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