Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 days in training

*Warning* This post may be a little disjointed and don't mind the random pictures everywhere, my computer stinks!!

24 days later and I finally sitting down to write a post about my next marathon.  If you follow me on facebook, twitter, instagram, or daily mile, or even my blog, then you already know I am training for the 2013 New York City Marathon.  My emotions for this race are everywhere.  I am excited, nervous, and ready for it to be over (sad to say).  There was so much hype last year about this race and with it being cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy I feel as if I am in a rut.  I was already up there, I picked up my packet, went shopping, and in an instant, it was cancelled.  It is hard for me to be overly excited because what if that happens again.  The weather and other events may be out of my control but the training, that is not, and that is my main reason for writing this post.

Getting my pedicure right before training starts before my toes fall off with some leisurely reading

I "officially" started training July 1 giving me about 16 weeks to train.  I didn't come in with much of a base that I anticipated due to tendinitis in my ankles.  The lack of running is also why you all haven't seen many posts from me in a while.  The tendinitis came about right after my amazing PR at the Sarasota First Watch Half Marathon.  If you know my track record with training and following a schedule, I may not be the best of it.  I am determined to rock NY! Surprisingly, I have only missed 2 runs and they were due to a really sunburned butt and I knew putting on a running skirt was not going to be fun.  I couldn't even sleep on my back.  With that being said, except for today and one other run, I hit every run!  

I am very lucky to have off for the first month of training.  It is allowing me to set a routine.  Once school begins, I will be out of the house by 5:15 which doesn't allow for a run in the morning, but I will make it home to run in the evening.  I have recruited my boss to run a half marathon so I can't wait to have a running partner on that side of town along with many other runners I know up there.  I will be calling them in for reinforcements! Training this year has been done alone for the most part, I miss my running buddies but I live so far from most of them.  I was finally able to meet up with my BRF Christa and she pushed me!  We did unexpected hill training which is always fun and torture.  This heat is truly something else.  I am thinking about getting some type of water pack back such a a camelbak or the nathan hydration packs.  Any thoughts?  I do not like carrying stuff n my hands and the fuel belts give me a stomach ache.
The best post race treat! A popsicle after 9 miles.  5 of which were the Run for Pride with NYRR

My goals for this training cycle and race is to have fun and get back into running shape.  I miss when 10 min miles were easy, now I struggle with 11 min miles for 3 mile miles.  Have fun come race day and not want to kill myself.  If I have to set a time goal, it is 4:59:59.  Truthfully, I am not sure it is going to happen at New York due to the bridges and my lack of base before training.  I hope to update my blog weekly on my runs.  Once school starts again, who knows what will happen.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!

What are you goals this summer?  How do you power through the heat?

Christa and I after 11 sweaty miles


  1. I'm excited to follow your training again! Good luck with your training and don't beat yourself up too much :) I'm training for the Indianapolis Monumental marathon on 11/2 & I'm doing this training alone. I'm curious how I'll do on those twenty milers.

  2. Can't wait to try the new Camelbak! Training together this time girl!

  3. Oh you are going to be great. I feel your pain though I too was sidelined after a magnificent PR. I am trying to build back. Hopefully we can do a few runs together. :)

  4. Oh you are going to be great. I feel your pain though I too was sidelined after a magnificent PR. I am trying to build back. Hopefully we can do a few runs together. :)

  5. You'll rock it!!! I need to get into serious training mode but I just can't seem to get my mind in the right place.


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