Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Letters and summer vacation

Wishing everyone a happy Friday!  It feels so great to be back "home" after being gone for over a month.  It was nice to go to bed and wake up when I wanted to (my mom was so nice and let my dad and I sleep in since she likes to be busy in the morning).  I am excited for this weekend!  I get to celebrate my birthday with friends, some family is coming into town, and I get to see old coworkers and running friends!!

Dear Friday, As always, you are one of my favorite days and I hope everyone has a great day!  I am glad you are a planned rest day as I can't find a yoga class at the gym around me so rest will have to do!

Dear Old Coworkers, I can't wait to see you this evening for some drinks and karaoke!  FInally a time when we can all get together and relax.  I can only imagine the amount of trouble we can get in.

Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for allowing to have a mini birthday barbeque bash tomorrow so I can see some of my amazing friends.  Friends, thanks for coming!  I am so excited to see you.  

Dear Aunt Fran and Uncle Barry, Thanks for the hospitality you showed when I spent countless days lounging around in NY and Cape May.  It was relaxing and perfect.  I am glad this is a yearly thing!
Dear House Hunting, I hate you with a passion.  I am ready to just find something and stop stressing.  I want to find that magical house at the right price and have it be all for me!  Luckily my parents are great and letting me crash with them.  I guess I have no excuse to save money.  So if you know of any houses in the Riverview, FL area, hit me up!!

Friday Market in Jerusalem

A run and drinks..what could be better?

Dear Summer Vacation, It was so great to be able to travel this summer.  Last summer I worked and it sucked.  I was burnt out before I even started back at school.  If you see from my photo dump, I travel to Israel, Manahtten, Cape May, NJ, and Key West, FL.  It was a great trip to say the least.  In Israel I met some amazing people through birthright.  In NY I ran a lot, and in NJ I rested and relaxed.  

Well, I guess I should get back to cleaning so the house is in presentable condition this weekend.  In addition, I am in boxes from moving and I am switching rooms at my parents.  This will NOT be fu!

What are your weekend plans?  
What was the best summer vacation or vacation you ever had?


  1. Wow. Your summer vacation sounds amazing. I worked an extra month, but do get to enjoy the whole month of July off and it is amazing.

    1. Thanks. I am certainly not ready to go back at all!

  2. Sounds like you have had an amazing summer!!

  3. My mom posted on FB about a friend's condo for rent in Riverview recently, not sure if that's an option.

    1. I am about to take a look! Thanks

  4. Best of luck with the house hunt! It's such a crazy process, isn't it?


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