Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where I have been: Photo Dump

Well, I am finally back "home" for the rest of the summer so it is about time I update you all with where I have been.  I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Last Meal with my amazing co workers!

Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Israel


Walking through the streets of Jaffa, Israle

First Hike of our trip in Israel

Getting pooped on In Israel

Mud Bath at the Dead Sea

All muddied up and ready for the Dead Sea, israel

Camping...No bathrooms, no nothing!  

Hiking up Masada..Please search the elevation of the Snake Path

Lots of sweat!

In a Market, Israel

Hike #3, En Gaidi

Last Hike, Israel

My Family! 

Key West

Running in the rain in key west, FL

Typical Tourist Pic

On top of the lightbouse, Key West, FL

Pride Run in NYC, Central Park

July 4th in Cape May, NJ

Celebrating 27 years with my Grandma

Hemingway House, Key West, FL

Here are just some of the hundreds of pictures I took!!! Be ready for some marathon updates shortly as well as house hunting updates.  This is going to be a crazy few weeks before school starts again!


  1. Best photo dump, ever. Love all your photos!

  2. You have had quite the month! Great pictures!

    1. Yes in deed, now I am ready for a nap!

  3. Loved having you visit us in New York and Cape May

  4. Looks like you have had a great summer!! Loved the pics!

    1. It surely has been! Last year I worked all summer, it was a bit much. This is more my pace.

  5. What a great trip and summer Genna. I got to go to Israel in my Navy days and loved it also.

    1. Wow! I loved seeing the geography for such a small region.

  6. You have had such an amazing summer! You know how I feel about NYC, and Israel is on my bucket list! Amazing photos!

    1. Ha, yes I do know your feeling about NY. I did not know Israel is on the bucket list. Where else?


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