Sunday, January 3, 2016

NYC Half Marathon training week 1 + a trip to the clinic

Well, this Sunday didn’t start off the way it was supposed to.  First, it’s the day before we have to go back to work :( and I was supposed to meet my cousin for lunch over in Orlando.

On Friday my ear and jaw started hurting, I thought maybe allergies but the pain hasn’t subsided yet so I knew this morning I had to make my way to the walk in clinic knowing I had to go back to work tomorrow.  It hurts to open my mouth, to chew, drink, sleep, talk.. I love to talk and well, tomorrow we begin reviewing for finals.  I hate going to a doctor I am not familiar with, especially a walk in clinic.  When I walked in I thought I was going to leave with more than I came in with.  Oh Well!

I started my morning with my 2 mile recovery run and it was drizzling, windy, and a but chilly but I warmed up by mile 1.5 and then I was done, showered and off to the clinic.  

They prescribed me the same medicine my cat is on, we are twinzies!  While I was waiting I bought some potato chips and when the meds were still not done, I decided it was after noon and I needed a snack!

Keeping it classy!

Today completed my first week of NYC Half Marathon training and here is how it went:

Monday: 4 miles - 1 warm up, 1 cool down, 2 at tempo  (We don’t have a tempo pace yet because I have no idea where my fitness was

Tuesday: Rest - DONE, like a BOSS!

Wednesday: 3 Recovery

Thursday: Orange Theory Fitness, I almost died

Friday: I recovered and rested like a boss, again!

Saturday: Long Run 6 miles in the wind, and rain.  11:41 pace which was almost 50 seconds faster that last weeks long run (Last week was miserable)

Sunday: 2 mile recover

Overall: This week was a nice training week, especially with being off from work.  I managed 17.3 miles (Which include my miles at OTF)

How did your weekend go?

Any great plans during the week? - I just have a few doctors appointments and getting acclimated to work again.


  1. Did you learn what was the cause of the pain? Heal fast, sweetie! Great job on the training despite the pain and rain! You ROCK!

    1. The doctor actually said my ears looked beautiful so its TMJ. I really just want gummy candies now :(

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Congrats on your marathon training ! Not a goal of mine, but I hope to run another 1/2 someday


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