Sunday, January 10, 2016

NYC Half Marathon training week 2

Slow down! Slow down! TIME

I swear, I can’t catch my breath!  It’s already the last week of the semester and the stress of students testing is ridiculous.   I want them to do amazing (Why don't some students care if they do well?)- I need AP students :)

Just wanted to show my pinterest fail 
We are already in the second week of the new year and I just completed my second week of half marathon training.  Wasn't yesterday just Thanksgiving?

This week of NYC Half Marathon training went surprisingly well.

Many days this week the weather was nice.  I was also put on steroids last week and I was told I may have kick ass workouts while I was on them, yea, I believe that to be true!  

I didn’t know how this week would go with being back to work and staying up way to long creating review games, etc. for my students.  By Wednesday, I was in bed with the lights out at 7:45.  Unfortunately I was not sleep till 9 but hey, I will take it!

To keep it short, here is how this week went

Monday: 4 miles, two at tempo.  9:42, 9:29- I am hoping this isn’t JUST because of the roids

Wednesday: 3 mile recovery

Thursday:  7 mile long run @ 11:20 pace - I am so tired I was so surprised by this.  (Shark week also came the next day, TMI- which could be why this was a faster paced run for me)

Saturday: 3 mile recovery with Behn

Sunday: 2.7  I was surprised I made it that far.  It was miserable!  This Florida humidity is truly killing me slowly!

Thats how my week went, how was your week?

This week my students test and we start getting ready for 150 new students in my classes! WooHoo!

This week I also hope to start making plans to go to NY to run this race.  Anyone else plan on being there?

Oh, and happy half birthday to me!

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