Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome Toby!

Just three weeks ago we welcomed this handsome child into our lives~
Hi, I am Toby!

If you don't follow me on social media (you should) you would see that I am the crazy cat lady!

One day while changing the name on my drivers license after work I decided it was smart for me to wonder down the block into the local animal shelter.  That was either a stupid or a smart decision.  I wouldn't call myself an animal lover but I would call myself a little crazy.
At the Vet, i am such a good boy.

I am not sure what made me decide to go there, maybe it was the fact that I believed Joey needed a friend, but I went in and looked at the kitties and puppies.  Yup, worst idea EVER!  I want them all and knew that wasn't possible.  I played with one cat that I fell in love with, it actually wasn't Toby.

I love belly rubs
This cat was just brought to the shelter that morning to be released back out because he was feral.  This cat was so loving!  I made Behn meet me at the Shelter on Wednesday incase he was going to be released Thursday, unfortunately when the cat looked at another cat he would hiss.  We didn't know if this was due to stress being in the small cages with so much other activity or because that was him.  We knew we couldn't take the chance with Joey, Behn found a similar (very handsome cat) that we took out and loved on.  This cat's name was Toby.  

When I was thinking about getting another cat I knew I wanted to name it either Toby or Boe because I think it goes with Joey.  Once I was his name I knew we had to get it, and yup he is the newest member of the family.

Joey wasn't immediately a fan of Toby but now they
I may have hip dysphasia but I can get up here! Hi Foot

yea, mom and I are bestie now

are best buddies!!! I know I will blog more about these cuties soon but our family is complete, for now, until I make another trip to the animal rescue.

Clearly up to no good
I've also filled out the paperwork to volunteer but I haven't heard back yet.


Adopt don't shop.  I promise you I will judge you if you shop, I just won't say anything to your face!

Have you ever adopted a pet?  Have you ever volunteered at a pet rescue?

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