Monday, March 26, 2012

Gasparilla Spectator Recap

I am finally getting ready to tell you about my amazing time spectating at the Gasparilla Distance Classic that took place here in Tampa, Florida.

The main reason for heading downtown for the Gasparilla Classic 15k and 5k was because many of my friends were running, but Carol was running her first 5k and my friend Nicole was running the 15 k earlier that morning.

Friday night, Carols roommate Justin and I made fun posters for her.  I am sad I didn't take any pictures but also glad because I am not artistic and he is much more creative.  His rocked much more than mine.

Saturday morning, him and I headed downtown and saw Carol and her Boyfriend.  They went to pick up their packets, we got free samples and shopped a little.

We somehow got suckered into holding their stuff, which was no biggie expect for the fact we were told the race started 30 minutes before it actually did and Justin needed to be back home to take his dog to the vet way before we did.. WOOPS..

Anyway, we hung out with Carol before she was off then I moved over to watch Nicole finish her 15k.  I snapped this picture of her where she was pretending to be me.  Incase you were unaware, I LOVE to smile for cameras and do funny things..

Nicole and her mom always come to cheer me on and I figured it was my turn to pay it forward.

Carol and Scott before the race began

Carol rocked her first 5k!!  

I loved spectating!  It was great to see the super duper fast people win the 5k!!  The energy in the air was outstanding.  It really motivated me to continue with my "rehab" to start running again.  I originally wanted to run the 4 races this weekend but was so happy just to be there.  I love to be around runners.  It is so motivating.

I can't wait to spectate more races in my area!  Next time, bring silly signs :)

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