Sunday, March 18, 2012

You know you are a runner when...

So, I found this article on a friends Facebook Page and figured I would share and do some dissecting of my own.
You know you are a runner when...  There is the link.

Green will mean Yes
 Black will mean NO

. . . you see a 13.1 sticker on a car’s bumper and know what it means.  I do love explaining to everyone what the different numbers stand for
. . . the theme from “Rocky” gives you goose bumps... I actually have never seen "Rocky"
. . . you know where your illiotibial band is located. Yes, and mine is not OK :(
. . . you keep running clothes in the carry-on and business clothes in a checked bag.  Luckily I do not travel for work
. . . you give up running for Lent. I am Jewish.
. . . you consider pasta a food group.  Only my favorite food ever
 . . . you plan vacations around races.
. . . dogs have to hurry to keep up with you. I do not have dogs and I am slow
. . . you spend $100 on running shoes but buy your dress shoes in the clearance section.
. . . you can easily convert kilometers to miles, and vice-versa.  I am not that smart
. . . you have a tan line when you take off your runner’s watch. Maybe not my runners watch but running clothes
. . . people are amazed you can eat so much and stay so thin.
. . . you’re excited that your next birthday will put you in a new racing age group. Im scared to get older
. . . your calf muscles are bigger than your biceps.
. . . you get a massage but it’s not for pleasure.
 . . . old running shoes and shorts are part of your emergency pack in your car’s trunk 
. . . you use “easy run” and “5 miles” in the same sentence.
. . . you go into Starbucks more often to use the bathroom than to buy coffee.
. . . you have more shoes than your wife and they’re all for running. ..Well, I am female..

. . . you enjoy going to the golf course, but not to golf. I don't even really understand this one..
. . . you give up Friday happy hour because you have a long run the next morning. oh way too often!!!
. . . you’re envious when you see runners on the road and you’re driving in a car. Especially now since I am not supposed to be running
. . . you spend more on running clothes than on school or work clothes.
. . . you’re the only one outside in the pouring rain.  My favorite run to date was at Flatwoods park with my Coach for 11 miles in the pouring rain! We rocked it :)
. . . many of your toenails are not pink anymore.  either black or not there
. . . you’re actually proud of your blackened toe nails.  
. . . there is a “running” playlist on your iPod
. . . you see a hill and want to run up it
. . . you correct others that a marathon is really 26 point two miles.  The .2 is a lot!
. . . you view drinking beer as carbo-loading.
. . . you go for a run the morning of your wedding day.  I'm still searching
. . . you chafe in strange places
. . . you get mad that an injury keeps you from running, not that it damaged your body.
 . . . your first question to the doctor is “How soon can I go running again?”
. . . your ideal temperature outside is between 45 and 60.  Debatable
. . . you have no problem awaking early Saturday morning, but hit the snooze M-F.
. . . you arrive sooner using the steps than the ones taking the elevator.
. . . you’d rather take those steps than the elevator.
. . . on business trips you run around the hotel parking lot to get your daily run in.
. . . you generate more laundry than a newborn.
. . . you consider your daily run as therapy or an anti-depressant.
. . . you know exactly how far that daily run was.
. . . you run for fun.  No, seriously.

What would you add to this list?


  1. i read your blogs from time to time and love them! I love the injury one cuz its exactly what I asked my doctor... after may surgery I can start training in august... its going to be a torturous wait but definitely looking forward to it!!!

    1. thank you for reading :) Good luck with the recovery time!! It has been terrible not being able to just get up and go, but I cannot wait to be able to run more than one mile.


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